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Bicycling and Kayaking in Loire Valley - Trip Report

I spent two days biking and kayaking in the Loire Valley, and it was the highlight of my trip to France. I pre-arranged my travel with Loire Velo Nature: who had amazing customer service.

I took the train from Paris to Tours. At Tours, I left my luggage with Hotel L'Europe, which was located right across the train station. They only charge 2euros a day for left luggage, and you don't even need to be a guest. Then I picked up my bicycle at the Best Western hotel, which is where Loire Velo Nature has a pick-up location. I bicycled about 14km to Savonnières, where somebody from Loire Velo Nature picked up my bicycle, and gave me a kayak. Then I kayaked about 1kkm to Bréhémont, the main store of Loire Velo Nature, and returned my kayak. I stayed one night at a bed and breakfast in Bréhémont run by Loire Velo Nature's owner, Celine. The next day, I got back on the bike and biked back to Tours, stopping by 3 chateaus along the way (~40km). Then I stayed at Hotel L'Europe and went back to Paris the next morning.

The bicycle route was very smooth and it's a great way to see the countryside. My only issue is that there's no place to fill up on water along the way, so I was very dehydrated by the time I got to Savonnières. Bring more water! The kayak trip was absolutely amazing. The Loire is definitely the cleanest river I've ever been on. I only saw one piece of garbage (a water bottle) the whole time I was on the river, so I picked it up myself and threw it in a trash bin later. I saw many birds and fish, and it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful.

I highly recommend this kind of trip to experience the Loire Valley, and also highly recommend Loire Velo Nature to help you arrange the pickups and dropoffs.

Ana C.

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Sounds absolutely fantastic! Sounds like you found a great company to work with. Thanks for sharing!

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Ana, thank you for posting this. Very helpful info. I agree with Kim, your trip sounds wonderful! I would love to do this and after reading this... maybe I will!

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What a great idea! I'm curious, for kayaking what did you wear? I'll be in the Loire in early October and I don't know if I want to bring special clothes for kayaking for a few hours one day. We will have a car so we can kayak from any location. I guess I'll have to investigate places to rent them.

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I was just looking at the website for Loire Velo Nature. One of their rental conditions is -

"Participants must be in good physical and morale condition. They must be able to immerse themselves and swim 25 meters (possession of a swim certificate issued by a qualified); they must have a doctor’s certificate to practice canoeing and kayaking."

How did you meet this requirement, or did they not ask for it?