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Beware FrancaMaria in Vernazza

We use rick's books and advice as our travel bible, but on this recommendation we disagree. In fact, I would remove it altogether. Maria was neither friendly nor helpful. Plus the room was not serviced or cleaned during our stay ( just 2 nights,) but for this high price and tiny room, we expect some clean towels at least! Also, be warned that she does not accept credit cards! Surely there is a better choice for lovely Vernazza.

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Same thing happened with us in a different city but still a RS hotel. One day we weren't cleaned, had no soap, but the next three different people tried to bring towels. Language glitches. But more important, we were the only people in the hotel: no desk clerk, no other guests, eerie. And the book never stated that no one tends the hotel after breakfast. After you pay up front, they email you a code to get your key out of a box. Imagine at night without a light and no cell phone for the country to call for help if you can't open the box or the door. Not a place for travel newbies. I don't think your complaint or mine would be taken into consideration because there's a hotel in Paris people have written about for years, but it's still recommended. I'll use TA from now on and chalk this up to experience. This was my first RS hotel and my last.

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There is a section elsewhere on this web site under "Books" named "Guide Book Feedback" Have you sent in your complaint to this site? If so, good. If not, I would suggest you do so, so that they are at least aware of an ongoing problem and hopefully will correct the entry in the guide book.
It is a good thing that you identified the location so that others can be aware of your problems there.