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Best time of day for Plitvice lakes

We will be touring twice in September. We will tour for a couple of hours late the first day and a couple hours early the second day. Does anyone have an opinion on whether upper or lower lakes would be better in the morning? or late afternoon? One of our objectives will be photography.
thanks much

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Not thinking about the sun, we found the most photogenic approach was walking gradually uphill from lower to upper. This makes the views better and less of a grind going out of the canyon at the end. This is true for both the upper and lower lakes. Waterfalls are more spectacular on the upper part and the water is more spectacular in the lower lakes.

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Ah, interesting. We were at the Lakes a few weeks ago (truly amazing, even as someone who's seen a lot of natural wonders!) and I found the opposite to be true--I liked the morning sun on the upper lakes better. Logistically, it also worked out well with the crowds, which I don't know how they'll be for you, rwc: it seems like most people start at the lower lakes, so we walked to the 1st tram stop, and took the tram to the very top, then walked down. Most of the foot traffic was going the other direction, and we had a lot of the beginning nearly to ourselves (or, as much as we could at that time of year).

Enjoy! It is beautiful, and I was sad to leave. :)