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Best Pompeii Tour guides

In 2010, a group of us toured Italy and using Rick Steves’ book of Rome, I found Gaetano Manfredi as a tour guide to give us a wonderful tour of Pompeii as a day trip from Rome.
This past February, when I was planning a family trip to Rome with my adult children and grandchildren, I again wanted a tour of Pompeii, so I contacted Gaetano and was thrilled that he was still giving tours 12 years later. He committed to give us a 3-hour tour on June 9th.
A few days before the tour, Gaetano told me he had been asked by Rick Steves to give Rick’s cousins a tour of Pompeii which conflicted with our tour and based on his 25 year relationship with Rick, he felt he had to comply.
However, Gaetano arranged for his son Ciro (also a certified Pompeii guide) to give us the tour. We agreed and what better reason than to be bumped by the great Rick Steves’ relatives!!
Ciro was a tremendous guide – Gaetano has taught him well and he was knowledgeable, energetic, funny and with an excellent command of English. At the beginning of the tour, Gaetano met us, and we embraced and at the end of the tour, Ciro found us a table for 9 in a local restaurant – no mean feat during the busy lunch time period. Gaetano sent us some complimentary appetizers.
If you need a tour of Pompeii, you cannot go wrong with either of the two Manfredis – they are the best.

Dick Dodds

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I was just about to post about Gaetano. We had him at Pompei on our South Italy tour just recently. He was fantastic! Stan and I have backgrounds in anthropology, which includes archaeology, so we consider ourselves pretty good judges. We were very impressed, and should we return, we will definitely choose one of the Manfredis.

And we had a chance to observe Gaetano's son, who was leading a smaller group nearby. I'm glad to hear that he also did a good job. Gaetano said his father and grandfather were Pompei guides, so that makes Ciro the 4th generation!

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This is great information to know, does anyone know if the Manfredis also offer tours for the nearby historical sights in Herculaneum, Baiae, Mt. Vesuvius park and Naples?

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I'm sure Gaetano and family are as wonderful as the multiple one and done posters say they are.

In April 2022, we were extremely pleased the guides we hired through Askos Tours. We had a wonderful day at Pompei - from the Amphitheater to the Villa of the Mysteries, followed by a visit to Ercolano, Oplontis, and Stabiae on the next day. We also used Askos for a day trip to Naples to see the National Museum of Archeology. Don't overlook Askos.