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Best of Paris Dec 29-Jan 4

I've been watching the news about the unrest and protests happening in Paris right now. Getting a little nervous that it will be affecting our tour. The government has announced that they have closed the Eiffel Tower and Versailles during the protest.

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When you spoke to the RS tour office about your concern of the massive strikes affecting your tour at the end of the month, what did the office say? What did the office tell you were the contingency plans if any?

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Your tour guide will be a pro. They will know how to get around any problems. We were on that tour in June during the Yellow Vest protests and just after the Notre Dame fire. There is so much to see and do in Paris that you’ll hardly skip a beat. That’s where those contingency clauses come in, in the fine print, about having to change due to circumstances.

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"The government has announced that they have closed the Eiffel Tower and Versailles during the protest."

That probably was only a one day deal.

The ET workers joined in the strike. Their FB page just indicates they were closed on Dec. 5 which was the first day of the strike. Their website is showing they are open today (Sunday Dec 8) from 930-2345. FWIW it says attendance is low today so that's a plus, lol!

I don't know if the Versailles workers went out on strike as some of the other museums had room closures due to staffing. It may also have been the issue of people getting to work and visitors getting to the venue from Paris. The Versailles website is showing they are open today with usual hours for a Sunday in winter. They will be closed tomorrow as usual. Here is a link to the English version of their website so you can look on Tuesday.

I'd go. I did this tour in 2014 and it made me absolutely love Paris. My guide, Rolinka, taught us to get around on the Metro and be able to navigate the city. I do not speak French but manage pretty well. I've been back 6 times so the down side of the tour is you may be spending a LOT more money on travel, lol!

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Thanks for the replies. I spoke with RS tours on Saturday and they assured me that they are closely watching the events in Paris. There is a tour group there now. The tour guides will assess the days activities and switch a few things around depending on what is happening. They were very reassuring.

I feel a little more at ease now.

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Lots of tourists are in Paris now and posting from there on other forums . Thy are fine and most feel little affected - but more walking - and taking the bus / but so far no one has said it’s impacted their visit massively in any negative way