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Best of Ireland - our first RS tour was amazing

Just finished our first RS tour ever - Best of Ireland. 14 days of pure fun, amazing scenery, lovely towns, and the friendliest people on planet Earth. We had more fun than should be allowed! Our group could not have been better, either. The synergy after about 2 days was off the charts! Our tour guide, Dara Herlihy, was the ticket to a good time. He set the tone immediately, and he made the trip what it was. He is extremely well-informed about his country, prepared beyond belief, narrated from city to city and answered any and all questions, and was one of the funniest men we've ever met. A true Irishman! We could not have been luckier to have him for our first tour.

The hotels were top notch (except Eyre Square; just mediocre), the food was excellent, and mostly, not having to worry about ANYTHING was the best part. Get up, eat breakfast, get on the coach and are taken to a magical place every day. No dinner reservations to worry about, and when we had time on our own, Dara gave terrific advice on where to eat, where NOT to eat, and what pubs that are totally worth staying up late for.

The itinerary was very manageable, and we saw so much of Ireland in two weeks' time. We never felt rushed. Needless to say, this will not be our last RS Tour! You get so much value for your dollar.

We'll never forget our last night together, and the private concert we had at the top of a bar in Belfast with a guitarist, banjo player, singer, harpist, and amazing river dancers. Epic!! Thank you, Dara!!

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"Needless to say, this will not be our last RS Tour! You get so much value for your dollar."

Ireland was a marvelous and memorable tour. Now you're hooked! :)

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Linda, so glad you had a terrific time! Yes, I are probably hooked!

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So glad to hear your review. This may be my next trip and if there was any way I could guarantee Dara as our guide I'd book today! Dara was our assistant guide in Italy in April/May and he is just the best so I know being on tour with him in his home would be beyond wonderful. Thanks for sharing about this tour and so happy you loved it.

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Linda - I got your PM.. I was soooooo excited that you had a great time. That is just fabulous. I am so jealous that you did the 14 day tour. People have put threads out there all the time about a repeat tour. I would definitely do this tour again. It was my first also and I would go back in an heart beat and like you said, if I was rich I would move there. I have been thinking of you and wandering about your trip.

I look forward to my 4th and 5th RS tour in April 2018.....return trip to Ireland (8 day trip this time) and 10 day Scotland.

Like Oklahoma's legend Will Roger said.... of all the countries I have visited, Ireland is the most welcoming and friendly to Americans. We experienced the same. Great food, great guide, great hotels (most), great pubs and restaurants. It sure is nice to have everything planned and just go. Glad your fellow tour mates wonderful.

Now, start planning for 2018!!

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Like you had a great time. I feel the same about Ireland. I could live there.

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All you need is the first RS tour to be a huge success and then you will be hooked! We were in the same situation in 2015. Thought we would just do the 21 day tour and that would be it for a while.....then decent airfare came around and we did Christmas Market tour through Munich and Austria last late fall......then BOLondon is happening in 2 months. Now we are signed up for Village Italy in May 2018. See what I mean?

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Glad tp hear that you loved the Ireland trip Linda! My husband and I are contemplating that tour for our next RS tour in 2018. It will be our 5th tour and we are so greedy to see everything and never know which tour to commit to!

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So glad it was even better than you expected. In 2014 my first RS tour was Paris and the Heart of France with a fantastic guide and great tour mates; it was beyond my expectations and I was hooked. Now I'm 29 days from my 5th tour - 8 Days Heart of Ireland Sept. 3rd! Signed up for my 6th tour in 2018 Best of Turkey!
Really hoping to do the 14 Days Ireland tour sometime, so many places on my bucket list. I really want to see Northern Ireland where my Mother's family are from.
Where do you want to go next?

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Judy B - I am trying not to look at the 2018 schedule so I won't be tempted, lol! I want to see Austria, Switzerland and Germany next. That ran a close second to Ireland, so is now at the top of the list. We promised our kids we would do a week's vacation with them next year, but I can totally make an RS tour work, as well! I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the structure of the tour, and traveling with a group. I was pretty hesitant since our previous travels have been on our own. But, vacationing with a community is so much more fun in many ways.

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So glad you enjoyed your first tour. Sounds like you are definitely hooked. Isn't it nice to have local guides teach you about their country? Plus, added benefit of not having to drive yourself and worry about time constraints. We, husband and I, met Dara when we went on our Best of Ireland Tour a few years ago. I am not surprised that he is now a guide. Ireland is such a magical place with the friendly people.

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Kathy - I definitely see what you mean. Totally an independent traveller, but after my first RS tour to Greece in 2014 I now look forward to more! GAS in May 2018.

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Sounds like a great trip! We spent 10 days in Ireland this summer and absolutely loved it.