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Bernina Express in Switzerland

The Bernina express is a Swiss bus service from Lugano Switzerland to Tirano, Italy. It is designed to help passengers who are connecting to the Bernina Express train that continues to St. Moritz. Please remember that although the Bernina Express bus service stops in Menaggio in Italy on the way to Tirano you cannot buy a ticket just to Menaggio. The bus only stops in Menaggio for the rest convenience of the passengers who are going to Tirano. Menaggio is not a scheduled stop and as such one cannot buy a ticket just to Menaggio. If you just want to go to Menaggio you can buy a ticket on the Palm Express which leaves the Lugano train station 2 hours later. It goes to St Moritz but does make a scheduled stop in Menaggio. I mention this because Menaggio is where you catch the ferry to cross lake Como to Varenna. Also remember these are mostly express routes and as such you have to make a reservation which costs 15 CHF per person regardless if you have a Swiss Pass. If I had known that you cannot buy a ticket to Menaggio on the Bernina Express, I could have saved myself a lot of frustration. Although the ticket venders in Lugano speak some English they are not travel advisers and details can get lost on ticket guidelines.
One can take a regular bus to Menaggio from Lugano but it does not leave near the train station. Oh yes buy the way, it's a beautiful bus ride.

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