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Berlin to Nordkapp

i intend to pick up an rv in Berlin and go to Nordkapp in june. My route is to get to Nordkapp by Sweden and return by Norway (Alesund, Bergen) and Denmark. I'd like to know if someone did this travel and cost of tolls and ferry.

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We just returned from Scandinavia, and found the distances to be huge in the far north. We found that ocean cruises are the most reasonably priced way to travel that region.
Berlin to Nordkapp is 2811 km. Nordkapp to Bergen is 2332 km. Bergen back to Berlin would be 1494 km.
That's 6637 km, or 4000 miles. And some of the roads to and from Nordkapp are not going to be pleasant traveling.
The present cost of gasoline in Norway is $6.42 per U.S. gallon. I have no idea what the fuel mileage is on an European recreational vehicle, but it would be safe to say your trip is going to be expensive. But the cost of food and drink in Scandinavia is also deadly expensive.
Good luck with your trip.

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Start by calculating your journey on

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Thank you for your tips. I'm really sure that is very expensive. Buying food and drink in Germany and by RV we can save much money.
viamichelin, cool.