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Bellagio: town and food

We just spent a quick "a bit over a week" in Milano and also Bellagio. Milano was great, but I'm going to use this post to talk about the Bellagio portion as that was certainly the highlight. We were ultimatley in the area for a friend's wedding, but had opportunity to explore the region on our own. We stayed at one of the hotels on the waterfront, Hotel du Lac, and the accommodation was more than suitable. The staff at the front desk were very helpful and friendly. We had a change of rooms during the stay, we knew this going into the visit due to occupancy rates, and the staff moved all for us while we were out on a tour. There is a rooftop terrace that while not elaborate, very nice and partially covered so once can sit under cover during any rain and still enjoy the magnificent views. If I came back, I would stay here again. The highlight in the area is indeed Lake Como itself and how the towns are situated on and around it. The lake is clean and clear and its very easy to see the local fish swimming. The larger township of Bellagio has other points of note; La Punta, where Bellagio is nestled and where the lake is its widest. Here is also was one of our favorite spots for a meal as the views are spectacular. Throughout Bellagio, are the salitas which are the streets that transport you from one level to the next-- each filled with shops, cafes, restaurants. The town is not overwhelming and its very easy to manuevour through in a day at a leisurely pace. However, if you want to add the extra elements of the Villa Medici near the town then that should be considered. A few restaurants of note would be Aperitvo for a drink, it's near the main street in the town. Outside the town is Alle Darsene di loppia. There are options for indoor and outdoor dining. The zucchini flowers are some of the best we have ever had.

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