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Bath/London trip 10 days

May 21st:
Land at Heathrow
Bus to bath
Check in at Hotel Indigo--really great
No. 1 Royal Crescent--self tour, was sort of interesting, but tv graphics were kind of weird
Dinner at Salley Lunn's bunns--my sister ordered the trencher and it did in fact taste like the 1700s.

May 22nd:
Tour with Paul Elliott to the Cotswolds! He's nice but kind of hovers. We saw: Tetbury, Bourton on the Water, Stow, Castle Combe, Bibury/Arlington Row, Burford (had a great lunch at The Lamb Inn (?).)
Dinner at Salamander (GREAT FISH AND CHIPS)

May 23rd:
Breakfast at the Pump Room---> Roman baths: We loved having breakfast there, but the Roman baths were incredibly busy afterward, might be best to reverse it.
Bath Abbey--Got to hear organ playing and that felt special
Took the bus up to Prior Park--got there at 4:06 (last entry was at 4) and had to bargain with the guy to get in! But once we got in--stunning and amazing!! Highly recommend.

May 24th:
Morning train to London
Checked into Page8
Westminster Abbey (didn't get to do the Verger Tour) but bought the extra 5 pound ticket for the upstairs (really cool) definitely take the lift up!
Liberty London
The Mousetrap at 7:30

May 25th:
Train to Chesterfield, cab to Chatsworth House
Chatsworth House was amazing--lots of cute sheep and an amazing House! Pemberly was perfect. Great restaurant as well.
Bus to Sheffield, train to London.

May 26th:
Tower of London bright and early--Jewels first, of course. Ended up having lunch at the cafe... just ok.
Boat to Bankside (Blackfriars wasn't open for some reason).
Happened upon the Globe but no tour or show avail till later.
Walked across Millennium Bridge to St. Paul's.
Walked around St. Paul's.
Bussed back to Page8 (Trafalgar Square)
Walked to National Gallery (literally steps away) to see a few things.

May 27th:
Checked out of Page8 and into Flemings Mayfair--dropped luggage then taxied to
Notting Hill/Portobello Road, gorgeous day shopping--
walked to Churchill Arms and had lunch! Thai food.
Then walked to Kensington Palace: Relaxed on the grass then,
Crown to Couture tour inside Kensington--we weren't huge on seeing Met Gala dresses but really enjoyed the Victoria childhood rooms--had dessert and tea at the cafe very tasty.
Rode rented bikes through Hyde Park

May 28th:
Buckingham Palace The Queen's Gallery--loved this!
Walked around the park.
Fortnum & Mason shopping
Spencer House tour--thanks to Sheila for a fantastic tour! Beautiful house. Only avail to tour on Sundays. Highly recommend.

May 29th:
British Museum--we regretted our Get Your Guide tour-- :(
Lunch at the cafe downstairs, the restaurant was booked solid.
Harrod's for dessert and light shopping.
Walked to Victoria and Albert Museum--really lovely place

May 30th:
Went home!

We never ride the bus in LA--I guess you have to press the button to get let off! Hilarious moment we passed our stop.
Don't eat at The Chandos in Trafalgar Square!
Dishroom Covent Garden was great and tasty! Apparently don't order the Chicken Ruby! (According to some other guests).
The tube is not that great, we only rode once and that was enough.
Black cars are pricey but lovely and the cab drivers are the nicest people in the city.

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The tube is not that great, we only rode once and that was enough.
Black cars are pricey but lovely and the cab drivers are the nicest people in the city.


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I agree about #1 Royal Crescent. If you get to York, visit Fairfax House. It is from the same era, but has docents in each room to answer all your questions and they are very knowledgable.

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Lol regarding the tube comments.

Been going to London since 1972. Have lived in LA for 30 years.

Never taken a LA Bus and only ridden the LA Metro to downtown LA a few times.

Angelenos love their cars and just suck it up if in gridlock.

Retired location scout/manager. Seen parts of LA that most Angelenos have never and would never visit.

TravelBrooke you Westside or Valley or Pasadena dweller?

I Always use the tube in London. Best public transport in the World.

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Claudia-- a couple streets away from the grove!

The tube is a great way to get around for sure--but since it was our first trip we didn't mind being stuck in traffic looking at beautiful buildings--I'm sure if we went back we would use the tube more but this time it was nice being chauffeured around

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Nice neighborhoods around The Grove ( Laurel, Martel, Detroit, Poinsettia Place). Single family homes.

Understand about using busses in London. I’ll take busses on occasion and I always try for the very front row on the upper deck. Floor to ceiling windows.

In the old days ( pre uber et al ) Black Cab drivers has to take The Knowledge test before they were given a taxi license. Not sure that’s the case anymore. Was one of the traditions I loved about London. Alas with GPS etc. Londoners and tourists alike will seek out the cheapest taxi company.