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Basque Country tour, followed by Barcelona and Madrid

The Basque Country tour was so good and so much more that I had expected! Because of our guide, we came to know the Basque people, their history, and their food! I think this tour was the best RS tour we've taken. We'd definitely recommend it. It's not the easiest tour to get to and from, but that's part of the adventure.

The Spanish, in my opinion, are very relaxed and friendly. And don't mind listening to fractured Spanish! It's quite different from France and Italy.

I learned that tapas is an all day affair - not just late afternoon/evening. You can stop by any bar in the morning to pick up breakfast type tapas, or lunch type small plates in the afternoon. I also learned that, as a non-adventurous eater, it was better for me to sit at a table and order from a menu, rather than standing at the bar and choosing from whatever's on the bar (many mysterious food items!)

And, in case you're wondering, the Spanish really do eat dinner at 10pm and party til 5am! One night, we were heading home around 8pm after having tapas for dinner, we noticed that all the restaurants in the plaza were setting up for the dinner rush. In the US, they be cleaning up after the dinner rush at that hour!

Next time we head to Spain, we'll see what southern Spain has to offer. Looking forward to learning more about the Moors!

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