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Basel - Venice - Basel with EasyJet

We are from Singapore and spent some days in Europe. Planned and booked a 3D2N trip to Venice. From Basel not much choice than Easyjet. Second time... First time to Barcelona wasn't really easy. This time was just a mess. 40min delay on 17 June outgoing from Basel and returning from Venice 2h15min at least. No staff shows up to provide information. The screen is not updated timely. Totally unprofessional. The official Easyjet Web page blabla about flight programme... Lousy planning if so but I can't really believe anything.
Living in Asia for so many years I just wonder how people cab accept such lousy service. At the end still pay money for this it's not free off charge. Extremely disappointed.

Try other airlines than Easyjet.


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EasyJet is my airline of choice. They are great value for money and have no hand luggage weight limit, unlike most of their competitors.

I try to aim for the first rotation of the day to avoid the risk of any delays. I accept that travelling later in the day with any airline carries an increased risk of delay.

It’s not EasyJet’s fault if the airport doesn’t update the board. I use EasyJet numerous times a year and I have never been delayed by 2 hours, so you were unlucky.

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I've never had delays like that with Easyjet, sometimes as much as 15 or 20 minutes, but usually arrive early or right time.

The screens are maintained by the airport, not the airline.

Sorry you don't like them.

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Easyjet is usually good, better than many other cut-price airlines.

As far as delays are concerned, they are more likely in the afternoon and evening than in the morning.
The reason is because one of the methods the cut-price airlines save is having fast turn-arounds. Instead of 1 to 1½ hours, Easyjet and the others schedule 20 minutes from arriving at the terminal to departure. As soon as the plane comes to a stop, they line-up the passengers ready to board. The time saving means they can get one extra return flight (out-back) from each plane per day. This means there is no spare time. If one flight is delayed 10 minutes, the can never recover and all flights by that aircraft are late for the rest of the day (no overnight flights). So any delays are cumulative, the later in the day the higher the risk one of the earlier trips had a delay.

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Living in Asia for so many years I just wonder how people cab accept
such lousy service.

Because the tickets are cheap. One of the reasons they are cheap is that Easyjet cuts down on costs such as staff that can inform passengers when there are delays. You are flying a low cost airline, what do you expect?