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Barcelona Trip Report 5 nights plus 1.

Day 1: ATL-BCN arrive @ 0800 with deboarding, passport control and Roadalie train to Passeig de Gracia. Bought T-10 at Tobacco shop with cash, CC could have been used. Transferred to T2 via airport bus. Yes, Roadalie is an alternative to travel to Barcelona with locals and excellent people watching. Cost for two: 2 T-10 trips. Walk to Eco Hostal Grau. Good choice for location and staff assistance. Book a very small room in the back for quiet respite. Arrived near 1000-1030. Luggage check and we are on way for Barri Gotic and Waterfront Walks. Tried to follow RS Barri Goti. Sleep in late afternoon for several hours. Did we eat? Jet lag-I do not remember. Receipt state we went to Lidl, La Flauta, and Bar Centric. Did we over-eat? Lidl for empanadas in am (picked up this habit in Portugal), La Flauta tapas and service were good, and Bar Centric has a limited tapa menu and an unlimited drink menu. Probably did over eat! Damn, the street cleaner goes by the front of Hostal Grau at least 3 times @ 0300. Our city street cleaner comes by at most three times a year during daylight hours.
Day 2: Pre paid The Sagrada Familia tour @ 1000. Easy access via Metro Univeristat. We had no PDF attachment on our email. I know, I look prior and after. Still, no pdf. The staff fixed it. The security is a bit slow. Where to meet for the tour was confusing. The tour guide was EXCELLENT. OMG, this site requires multiple visit to enjoy the cathedral and museum. Unless you are able to shop all day. Not us!
Pre paid Park Guell in early afternoon. Spontaneous visits can still occur at Hospital del la Santa Creu or Recinte modernist...
We are healthcare providers, we found the new hospital campus interesting too! One helicopter is too much! OMG, everyone has to be transported. Since I transported over water with the door open and no security line, I am not a fan of helicopters.
We enjoyed walking to the top of Park Guell. The paid area we could have skipped and utilized professional pictures. Others recommend a guided tour of the area. I would suggest looking into your options.
We did enjoy the walk down the hill to the metro stop. The area is definitely local. We received the stares: "Are your sure you are where you want to be?" Very safe. Post teens assisted us in finding the stop. "Right down the stairs!" I tried to ask in Spanish and their response was clearly English. Then, down the modern station's elevator (this is the only option) on the yellow line to Park Guell stop for their new bus. Alfons X was nearly empty. As was the bus. The park was busy.
We took the bus back to Passeig de Gracia. I enjoyed the scenic ride. Bus travel is full. Utilized T-10. We arrived at our stop and I said this is a Moderistic building. It was on Avinguda Diagonal. I will find it's name.
Yes, 3 sites plus eating can be done. I all most forgot, in the evening we went to Palace of Catalan Music for a Spanish Guitar and Flamenco. It was a well staged act with changing between music, male dance, female dance, partner dance and additional
musicians. The wooden stage echos the footwork. Sound is excellent and lights were well done. On Day 3 we are going to the scheduled tour of the Palace.
A busy Day 2. The concert was only offered on Tuesday of the week we were in town. Due to priorities had to jump in for a busy day and evening. This is why we dropped in at Bar Centric next to our hotel for a couple tapas and wine. It was not too busy but locals kept filtering in. As the week went on this bar was packed. Another guest of Hostal Grau noted the hostal's WI-FI would pick up here.
Day 3 scheduled site is Palace of Catalan Music at 0900. The tour was a bit sparse. A film and a brief tour. For us, it is helpful to have an individual give us verbal information regarding the story behind the building. The light enters the windows day and night to give the glass and ...

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DAY 3:
tile variation due to light. I could imagine a cocktail party on the balcony. The church that was torn down for a new entry and structure does not quite fit, however, I understand it lets in light.

We have no set schedule for DAY 3-5+1. On DAY 3 after the tour we walked D'Ortigosa de Trafalgar to access Arc de Tiomf and Citadel Park with a stop @ Bohl's cafe for coffee and a fruit drink in a bowl. I tried an asian morning bowl. All was excellent in a clean, modern, quiet, and well serviced cafe for a healthy breakfast or lunch. A couple of tables were doing local business. I will eat anything but cooked pineapple. Now, I will not eat soy sauce in the am. I liked the neighborhood, a search on showed limited lodging in this area. We bought our 2nd T10 at the Tobacco shop on the round about for the Arc de Tiomf. Very clean and tidy.
We walked through the Citadel Park past a small group protest occurring. The media was blocking the view of the building well. The fountain in the park was being cleaned by one man aiming the hose and another holding the hose a bit away from the spout. I am not sure if they are finished, yet! You could hear the animals in the zoo. Some competitive cheer teams were practicing and mother's with young children were in a child area.

As we walked out we past two men placing annuals in the plant beds. I was struck by how not very busy it was around Franca train station. For daytime the neighborhood seemed safe and El Born is just a shake of a distance. I wish I had gone inside the station because a local told me the architecture is worth a visit.

We explored El Born Market Cultural center. Very large market building with ruins and local history panels. There was limited information on the ruins. We have been to many ruins and I strongly support not destroying the history.
As we walked through the square, which was busy with school children, we came upon Santa Maria del Mar. I had some tour times written down. We were in luck to join the 1315 Catalan and English tour. The church is the size I can take in. We even had a self pre tour with a handful of people. I did hear the tour in English but really listened to the Catalan. The rooftop provides another opportunity for a panoramic view of Barcelona.
We were strolling for somewhere to eat. We turned up an unknown street and came upon Cafe de l'Academia. We each had a different menu of day. Local atmosphere with excellent cuisine. I had no idea RS's guide recommends this place. Try it, you'll like it.
Then, we strolled to the Barcelona Historic Museum. I tried to past for under 23. Not a chance. I am a geek when it comes to roman ruins. The stroll is well lit with information panels. I think it took 1-1 1/2 hours. The end let you out into a boxed square. They were setting up for concert.
We strolled back through Barri Gotic and by Santa Caterina Market. Closed. Message to self: check open hours.
DINNER at Flax and Kale. Excellent vegan and vegetarian options. What is that stack of red circles everyone is getting? A watermelon dish.

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DAY 4:

We are watching the weather on DAY 3 for potential organized day trip or public transportation with self guided to Tossa de Mar. There will be rain on Friday and Thursday is projected to be a beautiful sun laden day. Off to Tossa de Mar on Thursday, Day 4.

Transportation: Roadalie 1 to Blanes from Placa de Catalunya metro/train station. This is a busy station. Roadalie tickets are purchased on day of service from kiosk or window. Some R1's go to Blanes without a change. Ours had an easy change. The advantages of R1 are the views of the sea and communities along the way. There were active parasailors out. The beaches were groomed for potential beach days. There were a couple beach communities that looked like potential stays with families or adult only. At Blanes there is about 30 minute wait for the local bus to Tossa de Mar.

Sites: BEACH is rated the most beautiful. It is a cove and a bit small. Name the actress and film which made this beach popular? We enjoyed the walk to the top of the hill with cliffside views of the sea north and south. It was a quick look into the small chapel, previous hospital and roman ruins. Note to others: If my hubby forgets to take his hat off in a chapel, do not flick the hat off his head. Speak to him to request he take his hat off.

Eats: There are plenty of options in the interior town and on the beach carrer. My hubby is a fan of Mussels, me not so much. Spanish mussels are really good!

Return Trip: Bus+R1. The day trip was with transportation was about 1/2 day.

On return to Barcelona we had travel chores to do. In Hostal Grau we had been upgraded fro 4 night. Tomorrow we had to change rooms. We packed up for the staff to move our bags on Friday. CASA MILIA tickets were available for first visit on Friday, bought online. Purchase AVANT tickets to Gerona on Saturday am online at Renfe. We went to Flauta for a second dinner. Still recommend as a choice for a meal, arrive early or there will be a wait. After dinner we went to the Wine Bar across the street for ... Progressively got very busy.

Catch up: Somewhere between Day 1-4 we stopped at Orson Wells square for vegan/vegetarian meal at Vegatalia. Spinach ravioli and Mexican sweet potato burger. I did not see sweet potato on any other menus in town. The stabilizer for the burger was probably soy bean and nutritional yeast. No jalapeño, the spanish do not do spicy. The presentation was lovely. We were able to sit outside due to no smokers. The square has a bike rental venue, children slides and climbers and a piece of art work. It my understanding there is a camera that has not worked for years to ... Vegatalia has several locations and menu online. Give them a try.

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DAY 5:

CASA MILIA: Prior to visit take a look at Architecture 15 of 23 Antoni Gaudi The Casa de Milia on YOU TUBE. The weather is grey and a bit wet today. Before a pour we were able to get to the rooftop. Wish my roof's mechanicals took on the look of wild and colorful mushrooms. The interior opening to the sky can be wet with rain. The media is well done for me it is a bit overwhelming. My hubby barely even takes a look. The apartment is a historical look into another's home. It is a good idea to go in the day to see the apartment. The garage is blocked. 15 of 23 covers this area well. Although the visit can become group crowded, the groups seem to pass quickly. Maybe age (young) or language barriers.

In mid May with a quick check of availability ticket may be purchased day before and walk-up. If Casa Milia is on your must see, buy tickets prior to visit.


My favorite. May buy walk up tickets. Early Gaudi work. The exterior had a bit of an Asian influence and the interior choice of tile design and color had an expanded Craftsman tilt. The media presentation for Casa Vicens was excellent. The second media presentation included architecture from around the world with modernistic influences.


The day is a grey. The two major squares were empty. We did get turned around or lost. I understand there can be quite a night scene for the young which I am not.


The best, best... Very small with excellent food and atmosphere.


Recommend Flax and Kale over Teresa Carles. We stopped in during the day to ask about reservations. They took our name and when we arrived we were seated immediately. Excellent options for the vegetarian diet. Salad had very few ingredients, my hubby sent it back. Excellent baked apple dessert.

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DAY 6:


Buy tickets on the bus. The driver was unable to take money. We rode at no cost.


Excellent views of the sea. Buy tickets day of travel. Just missed one, take the next.


Active transportation hub. Locals and more locals. Runners and cyclists. Beautiful view of Catalan Art Museum.


Business hotel owned by a Portugese company. Excellent location and breakfast. Good size room and bath.


Off to top via escalators. Excellent panoramic view of Barcelona. Shops and more shops. Groceries below.


Thought I was going to have walk all those stairs.


The walking near and around was good. Another panoramic view of Barcelona. The cost for the tram was expensive. The fort had an excellent view of the working harbor. Consider not going in the fort.


Cool! Beautiful rose garden and view back toward the museum.


Do not miss your food options on this street. Be spontaneous! We had excellent seafood as our option.