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Balkan countries tour

I have just returned from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. The high points of the tour were in enlightenment of the complex history of these countries, resilence and perserverance of the people who lived and continue with their lives in this part of eastern europe. The important sights were orthodox churches, monasteries and select castles. English is widely spoken and personal safety with normal tourist activities appeared to be not an issue. American brands such as mc Donalds and Starbucks were commonly seen. If you have a trip planned for Romania then take the train from Bucharest to Peles Castle village. The town is much like a Bavarian or Austrian tyrolian village.
Make it an overnight for sure and enjoy a long visit to Peles castle. It is an incredible, elegant and outstanding look at craftmanship of metals, woods, tooled leather , furniture , marbles of centuries past. All is beautifully restored and maintained.

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Could you provide some more detail on the cities/towns and attractions you visited in each country, as well as your overall itinerary? Of the former Yugoslavian countries, I've only been to Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and each were very different and worthwhile.

Also, this is an odd question - but which country was most different from the other two? I'm guessing Romania but that's based mostly on the language (Latin vs. Cyrillic) and the German/Saxon history of the towns/castles (in contrast with more Ottoman influences in Serbia and Bulgaria).