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Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Mini report here for a town I'd driven by dozens of times but finally stopped to visit. I read about this town in "German Life" magazine, so I thought I would give it a quick look. As the name implies, it's actually two towns that grew into each other. Bad Neuenahr is, of course, a spa town, but I didn't explore this area. Ahrweiler has an old historic core that is still mostly surrounded by its defensive wall. The Altstadt isn't completely preserved, because there's a fair number of modern buildings, but enough Fachwerk remains to make it quite attractive. The church on the central Markt is particularly striking. Gothic, but painted bright white and yellow. The town is known for a particularly variety of sweet red wine, so there's plenty of Weinstuben and restaurants. A heavy snow storm blanketed the town the previous day, so not much was happening when I visited. The entire community sits in a valley overlooked by terraced vineyards. The author of the article in "German Life" made a big deal out of the fact that she could wander through the vineyards at will, but this actually isn't unique for Germany. Public access trails criss-cross through most vineyards in this country. The main reason I'm mentioning Bad Neuenarh-Ahrweiler is because it sits very close Remagen, Koblenz, the Mittelrhein, the Moselthal, and right by the famous abbey of Maria Lach. So, it's close to a lot of sites that people on this website would likely visit anyway. Give it some consideration before following the herd to Rothenburg.

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