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Avoid Hosteria Grau in Barcelona

Made a reservation for June 6-9 2013, had to cancel back in January. Will not refund my money despite the fact that the hotel is closed for renovations until June 8th. Dishonest owners.

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Did you have to cancel because it would be closed, or for some other reason? I assume you used a credit card; have you spoken/written to the credit card company about reversing the charges?

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This happened to me as well. The owners continued to take reservations, even though their remodel kept being delayed. I view this as extremely unethical. Rick Steves PLEASE REMOVE THIS PLACE from your recommended list. A remodel delay is forgivable, continuing to take reservations is not.

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If you read Pam's thread about this hotel posted under To The West you would discover that her complaint is that she did not get a refund for a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation she made. She had no knowledge of the renovations being done at this time when she cancelled in January. The cancellation had nothing to do with the renovations and presumably she would have been accommodated elsewhere if she was still going on her trip. I think Pam's attempt to smear these hotel owners for not refunding a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation and not being forthcoming with her circumstances is dishonest. Apparently she is going onto any travel forum she can find to bad mouth them. Pam - a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation is non-refundable. What is so hard to understand about that? How is that dishonest? And in case anyone is wondering, I have nothing whatsoever to do with this or any other hotel. I find it interesting that one post Kelly had the exact same experience that Pam did. It appears that Pam had never posted here either, until she felt the need to bad mouth a business that followed their non-refundable policy.