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ATM problems in Manarola

Whilst in Manarola recently we had a problem in withdrawing money. Luckily we had been in La Spezia and used an ATM there and all was fine. We were staying in lovely Manarola and went to use the one and only ATM there. It kept refusing my card and saying there was an error. I tried again and my friend tried her card with the same result.

As we moved away and watched from a distance, some people were able to withdraw (they were British from their accents) and then 2 American (as we are) ladies tried and were refused. We walked over to them and inquired as to what they thought was wrong. They said that at some ATMs they were refused and some they were able to withdraw. I assume it depends on the banking systems of each country.

Luckily we had enough cash to get us to La Spezia where we knew we would be able to get cash.

Anyone have any knowledge of this? Also, beware if you are in Manarola you may have problems.

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Sometimes they give this message when you are requesting more cash than that particular machine can give you even if it is less than your limit. Did you get to the point of entering an amount?

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Did you try a different Bancomat?

I have run into this problem before and simply went to a different Bancomat and it worked.