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Are these included on Best of London tour?

I've been looking at some old BOL scrapbooks and although it is not in the official itinerary, several groups went on the London Eye with their group. We will be in London (first time) several days before the tour begins and I was wondering if the London Eye is something we should do on our own or is it something that is usually included in the tour, but not mentioned in the itinerary.

Also, is the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace something that is done with the tour? I have not seen it mentioned and, again, would plan on our own, if it's not included and worth doing.

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I did the tour a few years ago and the London Eye was NOT included. It was a do it on your own time thing. We did get to see the Horse Guards or Household Calvary (sorry, am probably not getting that quite right) travel past us along the Mall in the morning. That is different than the changing of the guard at the palace. We did see the changing of the guard at Windsor--up close and with fewer people around than at Buckingham. Note, I was there in October so likely fewer tourists than the summer months.

I'm not sure if the tour still includes what I described, and it may depend on your guide, but if you're interested in either of those activities (Eye and guard at Buckingham), I would plan on making your arrangements to see them on your own time. It's a great tour; I think you'll enjoy it!

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The Eye was included as a group
activity on our Best of London tour fall 2014. To be sure for your tour, I'd recommend calling the tour department and inquire. Included activities can and do change.

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I was on BOL last May, great tour, with a wonderful hotel! We did go up on the London Eye on our final evening, I think that was when, We did not view the Changing of the Guard, but we did walk by Buckingham Palace on our first evening walk. There are lots of fine visits on the itinerary, but London is so full of things to do that you or anyone would have no trouble filling up your free time and extra days before or after the tour with other exciting sites and experiences. The Tube system is really incredible and easy to use, with very frequent trains and very little waiting for the next train to arrive, often just 1 to 3 minutes, but it is still important to group your visits by geographical location, to minimize your time in transit, and it often takes quite a bit of time walking within Tube stations, especially when changing from one line to another.

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I do find the London Eye included on the itinerary at; don't know whether or not it's a recent addition there. I don't think you'll see the ceremony at Buckingham Palace (often quite crowded), but will see the horse guards and the morning opening ceremony at the Tower of London.

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Thanks, Laura, I was looking at the itinerary, but when you review "what's included", I see they mention the London Eye!

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We did Best of London in February, 2015. The London Eye was included, just before our Last Supper, but the Changing of the Guard was not. We did, however, see the Keys ceremony at the Palace. Frankly, I would cheerfully have skipped the London Eye, but most of the other tour members were enchanted.