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April 2012-RS Belgium & Netherlands 11 Days-Part 4

Part 4 Bonus Perks for this Tour: This tour ends in Amsterdam. Your transit pass is good until the evening of Day 11, the Farewell Day. Your museum pass is good for one year. Try to add at least one post-night to take advantage of these two factors. Try to add a pre-night to enjoy Brussels and get over jet lag. Both cities are easy to adapt to and navigate. Enough can't be said on the difference of how you feel if you can acclimate one day before a tour begins. I was fortunate to add pre and post nights. Tour Tips:
Plan your free time. Laundry time was best done in Delft. I never got there and my jeans stunk! Brussels Central Station: Use the middle exit out of the station. If you come out and the street appears empty, turn left which brings you to the front side of the station. Look straight ahead and you'll see a walled archway. Walk through the archway and then stay to your right. Hotel Agora is just past the small square named Place Agora. I left for this trip tired & my eyes were burning. I exited the station to the far right. I knew I had to walk down to Pl. Agora. Once there I walked right up to the store front next to the hotel & didn't even see the Hotel Agora sign. I walked around the little square twice. It became funny as many other people with rolling suitcases were doing the same thing. I passed them twice going in the opposite direction with their city maps. What a jet lag chuckle! Day 3 buy food & drink the night before to take on the bus. You can eat on the bus before or after Ghent. This will allow you to go right along to what you want to do in this lovely town. St.Bavo's Cathedral: Allow a full hour to view "The Mystic Adoration of the Lamb". The number of people allowed at one time into this separate gallery is controlled.

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