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April 2012-RS Belgium & Netherlands 11 Days, Part 3

Part 3 Guides: All positive remarks too long to write. Regardless of our age or hearing abilities, many of us had difficulty hearing the guides in the noisy city environments. Gardens Visited: We visited two very special and lovely places. (Surprises!) All the other places you visit offer some form of garden(s).
Photo taking is challenging. You need to stay with the group which is moving & beware of traffic, especially Fiets! Pedesterians do not have the right of the way unless the street crossing is marked that way! Dining Beverages: Table water tasted stale and smelled like my plumber to me. In Belgium you pay for tap water. Some of the places in Amsterdam the water was free. A glass of House wine tasted below average for me. Ordering from the full wine menu offered a better tasting experience. Solo travelers find someone to share with or go in with another couple on a bottle to enjoy this experience. The beers were all great. The brewery tours were well received and full of information & beer samplings. Proost! Brussels & Amsterdam surprised me. The sights are grand! Try to stay with the front of the group. Intriguing places like Bruges and smaller ones like Delft may spoil you as they did me. I am not revealing tour surprises or being specific on any restaurants. The hotels are moderate each having their own uniqueness for you to discover. In the biggest cities the hotels are centrally located. This was a wonderful convenience!

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