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April 2012-RS Belgium & Netherlands 11 Days, Part 2

Days 2, 3 & 8 are very full. A lot of ground is covered which requires a lot of walking. You are exposed to a wide range of experiences. Enjoy! Day 4: Bruges has many sights to discover. We followed our guide from 845a-1230pm. Great day full of surprises! Day 5: Even if you're not a military buff I think you'll appreciate the Flanders Fields tour & the excellent local historian guide. Day 6 takes your attention to the Dutch reclaiming and securing their land from natural disasters. In Delft to get to Hotel Plataan the bus parks in a lot. You walk many blocks to get to this funky hotel. Day 7 in Delft is the lightest day. Today offers the most free time. We were guided from 9a - 11/1130a. Good day for a change of pace if you need one. Think long lunch with a bottle of wine on a side canal, enjoying the company of your tour mates, or renting bicycles during the afternoon & stopping to buy yummy chocolates. Pleasant walks are found along the outer canal streets. Day 8 the guide does the RLD (Red Light District) walk after dinner. I went from not wanting to go to the RLD before the tour, to wanting to go after I chatted with the assistant guide, to not going. At 930pm after a long day, my feet and I wanted rest.... Without hesitation half the group returned to the hotel, too. Happy people-Tired feet!

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Thanks for the trip report! Sounds like a great trip. I'm glad you found the Flanders Fields tour worthwhile - we are traveling independently in November and planning a day tour with Quasimodo tours to Flanders Fields and are really looking forward to it. Enjoy RS tour #3 - where are you going?

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Heading to London for the first time, then on to Berlin for a couple nights before meeting the group. Tour is Berlin-Prague-Vienna in 12 Days. Visited Berlin for a few days with my spouse two yeas ago. This time I have a reservation confirmed for the Bundestag as we couldn't get one last time there.
I'd like to see the East Side Gallery & visit the Pergamon Museum. Happy travels!

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Its too bad you missed the tour of the RLD its actually not what you think, and most tours explain that .. its also not offensive really, my bf didn't even notice the ladies till I pointed them out to him as the streets are just so pretty to walk down anyways..