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AOC Cheverny Winery during HOF Tour

Planning Paris and HOF tour next year 2023. I've been reading several RS Travel Forum reports expressing disappointment that in the Loire Valley additional wine tasting experiences were missed. Does the itinerary permit a few hours for wine enthusiasts to visit AOC Cheverny establishments (Maison des Vins de Cheverny)? Uber/Taxi? Hijack the tour bus and driver (JK)? See:


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Well, you will have to pass on hi-jacking the bus and driver because not everyone will have the same enthusiasm that you do for additional wine-tastings. There is no reason why you couldn’t arrange for private transportation during tour free times to go to additional wineries.

When you look at the itineraries it will list free times, usually with something like, “ the remainder of the day to explore on your own.”

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You can also opt to skip the tour activities for the day unless it’s a transit day. It looks like this winery is near Amboise and you have a free afternoon there so that might work without having to miss activities. If you don’t have to book real far in advance I’d talk to the guide after the tour starts to see if they have recommendations on transport from Amboise.

I was surprised that people were disappointed that there was only 1 tasting. That’s plenty for me but I’m not much of a wine drinker. However, you should do everything you can to make this tour so that it’s special for you!!