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Anyone been on the RS 14 day Europe Tour

Hello, My Husband and I have never been to Europe and are very interested in going on the 14 day Rick Steves Europe Tour. We are planning on going in between our College semesters, which is partly the reason we are interested is because we don't have a whole lot of free time to research! This is a lot of money for us to spend (our wedding wasn't even this much haha) and I was wondering if you felt that it was worth it! Please, any and all feedback would be great!

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First let me state that this section is for people who already went on vacation. You will get replies if you post your question on the General Europe section of the travelers helpline. I have not been on the 14 day Rick Steves Tour but I have been to most of the places it goes to and Europe is wonderful! I have been on 9 Rick Steve Tours (Ireland, 15 day France, week long Prague, London, Paris, Rome and Florence). The places you see and things you do are wonderful, the guides are excellent, the food is great and you will have a lot of fun. It is a great value for your money too! You should also read the travel feedback of all the people that went on the tours in the past and look at the Scrapbooks posted on this website to see the photos of the people that went on the 14 day tour. This will help you know what you will see, do and expect from the tours and give you helpful hints on what to wear and what to bring on the tours. All the research you need to do, or mostly need to do can be found right on the Rick Steves website. Just take a few hours to look at this website and you will get a lot of your research done easily. Go and have a great time!!! Ann

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We took the 14 day tour in 2008 and totally loved it. It was our first Rick Steve's tour and my husbands first trip to Europe. It was a great way to get a broad taste of Europe and we did not have to do a whole lot of planning. it was a great way to see a lot with in a short time period. For us, it was worth every penny given how much of Europe we covered. Since then we have done the Best of Scotland and leave next month for Berlin, Prague and Vienna.

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I took the 14 day tour in 2006 and it was a wonderful experience. However, (and Rick Steves probably won't like hearing this) the tour gave us so much confidence about the ease of European travel that I don't do tours anymore...have been back to Europe three times since then and each time we traveled by ourselves. Very much prefer being able to discover Europe at our own pace. But the 14 day RS tour was certainly great as an introductory experience.

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I took the 14 day Family Europe RS Tour, it follows same route etc, but with alot more kids. It was a hoot. You can see and do this all on your own, but the tour makes it easier to cover alot more ground without constantly running for trains or wasting time finding hotels etc.. I still travel independently but have to say, for a tour ( it was my one and only , I was travelling alone with my 11 yr old) it was a fun tour!! I suggest you look at the Tour Scrapbooks on this website( click on tours then on Scrap books and reveiws) then you can see other peoples pictures/comment which is helpful , it shows you the basic group make -up ( which shows the groups are generally all ages, casual, and evidently having fun!)