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Another Passion Play Trip Report, 2 Aug. 2022

I was gifted 2 tickets to the Passion Play by Ramona and her husband from the travel forum. They weren't able to attend, so thought at least I could, so I did. Went with the mom of our neighbor who over the last few years has become a friend on her many long visits from WA.
The tickets were only for the play, so I scurried around to find a hotel for 2 nights, for 2 adults and a dinner meal for between the 2 halves of the play. Booking dot com helped me out and because I had booked enough nights on my spring Camino had made it to genius status. Good news, as they knocked 40€ off the price and the room included breakfast buffet that would have cost each of us 15€. The hotel was Akzent Turmwirt and I would certainly stay here again. 2 single beds, decent sized bathrooms, balcony with table and chairs, huge wardrobe, safe, mini-bar, coffee/tea maker, and the whole hotel was decorated lovingly. Location was right across from St. Peter and Paul church, so if bells all night bother you, this may not be the place for you. Total cost for 2 people, 2 nights, with Bfast buffet would have been 470€, but I paid 430€. Considering what we got and the location, it was a fair price.

Dinner reservations were made at a Mexican place called El Puente, and the food was good, a decent price and just around the corner from our hotel. We were done early enough to go have a break at the hotel before the evening performance. Maybe having TexMex in Bavaria sounds weird, but we kind of didn't care. We did have Käse Späzle on Mon. evening, and Pork Roast on Tues. lunch with red sour cabbage and knödel.

Explored the town on Mon. evening and part of Tues. but went to the introduction + history of the play at 10:30 on Tues. This was free, and if you are going to the play, highly recommend this. We got great stories and background about the town, the actors, and the play itself. We were really glad we went to this. Oldest actor is 98 and she has no rules, she can come and go as she pleases.

The play was great, though long of course. Bring a fan and binoculars. The choir and orchestra are truly top notch and some of the actors should win Oscars they were so good. I was impressed the most with Pontius Pilate, though did think King Herod did a good job. Jesus of course did a magnificent job as the main actor. Costume design, sound, lighting, were all professional quality. The organization of everything was well done and other event planners could learn something.

We both wished we had another day here to just enjoy the town and we also wish we could be there for the last performance on 2 Oct. Many nights still have seats, so go ahead and go if you have been wavering. We sat all the way in the back, but could still see well, but yes, wish we had binoculars.
The museum looked really interesting and we do wish we had more time to visit. The entire exterior of the building is covered with the costumes from earlier years. Wow!

Did not enter Kathy Wohlfarts. Almost an embaressment having this store here with all the hand-made wooden objects available to buy from local stores all over town.

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So glad to see your trip report. I was wondering how you liked it.

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Great report. So glad you and your friend were able to go! The tip to attend the pre play talk is good advice. Was it in English or how did they handle translations? We went to Oberammergau in a non Passion Play year and found it to be very charming too. Maybe eight years from now…

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I’m so happy to hear you were able to enjoy the play when Mona wasn’t able to make it. I enjoy that area.

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Thanks for the report! I enjoy reading the impressions of others.

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Yes, the intro and info at 10:30 was in English. They had signs sitting on the main street where you can buy play tickets that tell you about it. It starts in the play house.

Forgot info about the museum. It is the Oberammergau museum and the exhibit, "Fabric, Body, Passion" is just until 16 Oct. Check the website for opening hours as they change depending on if it is a performance day or not, and the times of the performance, etc.