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Anne Frank Exhibit in Atlanta

I am not sure if this is the place for this sort of review so RS you can take it down if you wish.

There is a very impressive exhibit in Atlanta on Anne Frank. Included are over 600 pictures and a reproduction of the room where Anne lived. Anne Frank's father listened to the radio and tracked the allied advance on a map on the wall. There are also some very stark photographs of a concentration camp taken by an american soldier. I think this would be very interesting for any interested in World War II or anyone going on a tour of her actual house.

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Thank you as I live in Atlanta and Never Knew that this existed right in Sandy Springs.

I was in Amsterdam in April and spent two days visiting the house and it was so moving, nothing that I had expected. We went late one rainy night as the line was not so long and we could not finish so they let us back in the next day.

If you plan to do this, you can buy and reserve your tickets ahead of time and skip the really long wait especially in April!! Lesson learned.

I will put this on my list of Must Do's to visit this site in Atlanta.