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Amsterdam Centraal Railway Station

May, 2017 -
After several tries we went to the ticket counter and were told that because of increased security, we had to produce a passport in person to use a non EU credit/debit card or cash. Inconvenient because the memo on the machine said only " there is a problem with your card". Also after looking more carefully at the machines there was an EU before the card logos.

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Its always best if you use a card to go to a manned ticket booth I use cash at machines

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Why is it best to go to a manned window? When we were in Italy the lines were very long at the manned windows. We used the machines using a credit card and had no problems.

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Dutch Rail only accepts chip & pin cards at both their machines and the ticket windows. So for most Americans the only way to purchase a rail ticket is with cash at a ticket window, unless you have a lot of coins on you.

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I never saw the sign but last year (april 2016), mine did not work. We had to go to the window also.

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I used my Andrews FCU Visa card to buy tickets out of the kiosk at Centraal in January without any problem, but it is a true PIN & chip card.

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Found this out the hard way myself! My card had a chip, but this was before the US banks started using them so it didn't work. I think I ended up buying from the ticket window.