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Amalfi coast excursion

I just got home from a trip to Italy. We visited Venice, Florence, the Amalfi coast and ended in Rome. My favorite part of the trip was the Amalfi coast and maybe because of the drivers we hired. Myself, my daughter and 2 friends ventured to Italy without a tour and had a great time. The ladies at AAA said I was out of my mind and I should never do such a thing. Everything was wonderful and went as planned. We stayed in the city of Sorrento and absolutely fell in love with it. It is a small but quaint town with plenty to offer. We hired Gaetano & Carlo Casa to drive us along the Amalfi coast. We could not have been more pleased. They are both kind, generous, informative, rates are very reasonable, and very caring about the people they are driving. At the last minute we asked to visit Pompeii and without hesitation our request was honored. They made the trip outstanding and I would recommend anyone visiting this area to use them. I have an email address for them at casagaetano@libero.i. Instead of taking the local train to Naples we hired their service and they stayed with us and made sure we caught the right train and we were safe. Thank you again to Gaetano & Carlo Casa for a great vacation!!

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"The ladies at AAA said I was out of my mind and I should never do such a thing." I'm nearly apoplectic; I think it's time for you to mosey back to your local AAA office and tell them that they......well, I probably shouldn't say what I'm thinking. I simply don't know how the four of you managed ;-) It sounds like you had a great time! I, also, loved Sorrento; I think it may turn into ( another) one of my go-to places :-) It's always nice to get a personal recommendation for a tour guide, driver, etc., too. (Stooopid AAA ladies...)

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Enjoyed reading your post Bonnie. Sorrento is our favorite place in Italy!

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AAA runs a travel service that sells tours, I'm not surprised they didn't encourage your plan. Glad you did it your way, thanks for the report.

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I am real glad you posted this I was not sure what to do in Sorrento Still a I am not sure.. should I go to Capri or what.. There seems to be so much to choose from Maybe these drivers can tell me a good place for snorkeling

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Hi Bonnie , We are doing the exact same trip in Sept for our Honeymoon . How does Sorrento compare to Positano? We want to stay in a Bed and Breakfast and found a very nice one in Positano. Thanks ,