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Amalfi Coast 5 nights --Fuore & kayaking to its fjord.

I want to thank Rick Steves for his travel perspective. I've utilized his publications for many years particularly for
visiting Italy.
Late March early April visit to B&B Fico D'india Holidays Furore for 5 nights,
Rented car from Naples, meandered to Furore via Amalfi Coast route SS163 to SS136, mirrors on rental car tucked in. No GPS. Hardcopy map. Got off track. Asked for directions. Back on track. Naturally, fantastic weather, food & vistas.
For a different perspective of Bay of Salerno and Amalfi Coast we hired, Antonio for a full day
tour. We've kayaked in ocean before. Met up w. Antonio in Amalfi town 10:30am. Antonio's demeanor, knowledge and conversation added to an already rich sensory experience, paddled over to Fjord of Furore. The Fjord of Furore is closed to foot traffic, the steps from usual foot entry points are literally walled off. Only access at least in early April was via water.
Apparently significant storm late winter caused damage and left debris in the fjord. Imagine the force of water runoff
from the hills meeting up with sea in this location. So yes debris and perhaps some of the buildings took on water yet we couldnt really understand why it was closed off to foot traffic. We explored the fjord, and then dined on a delicious lunch Antonio brought along, part of the full day tour package. Just perfect. Paddled over to Positano and back to Amalfi town arriving at 5:30. To see how fragile this seemingly solid coast is from the perspective of a kayak, bobbing in a sparkling green sea viewing Saracen towers, soaring cliffs, distant lemon groves... bella...
Highly recommend kayak touring. With Antonio & Amalfikayak. His narration on history of coast, top notch!
I highly recommend the BB as well. Though off the path from the coast, Pino the owner and his staff are gracious, super helpful and personable sharing history and life about Furore town and the fjord. The views from there are spectacular perched on a cliff viewing Bay of Salerno, hearing distance of the fjords waterfall. Breakfast excellent--dinner even better. The comfort of knowing you'll have someone cooking for you after a days excursion without reservations, with seafood caught that day, wine from the vineyard above your location and olive oil from Pino's trees,
this is the music you may experience visiting Fico D'India Holidays.

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The kayak trip sounds like something we would love. Thanks for reporting!