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Almost home

We are sitting in ohare United club, much needed rest after about 4 weeks in Europe. We first went to Iceland then hopped over to Orkney and Shetland. I will try to do TR on Sunday for Iceland, then hit Orkney and Shetland. It was brillant.

Our flights were good going, not too bad coming home. Cool weather, hitting Oklahoma with 100, yuk!

Coming home is the hardest. Your tired and you need patience. Our first global experience was a breeze in Chicago. No line, getting bags and rechecking were hard, crowded. No one care they are in your way and you trip over a child’s suitcase scooter. Boy! It’s been a long 3 years of readjusting, but it is worth it. Especially in the lounge with wine!!

7:45 pm flight back to Tulsa. Then off again in three weeks for RS Scandinavian tour.

That’s all for now!

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It always takes us longer to adjust coming from Europe. Don’t know how flight crews do it.

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Welcome home, Kim. You’re going again in 3 weeks? LOL! It has taken me a month to recover from our month in Italy. We leave again in less than 5 weeks for another month in Ireland and Scotland.

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Welcome back! Hope your jet lag disappears quickly and that's too bad about the 100 degree weather! I can't wait to read your trip report - especially the Shetland Islands and Orkney. I've been trying to find a way to squeeze in Shetland into my itinerary and so far, no luck.

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So glad you're home! I can't wait to hear about your trip at our travel group meeting Saturday. If you can stay awake!

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Welcome back, looking forward to your trip report. I always joke to my husband that my turnaround time between trips is 10 days! Unfortunately, I usually have to wait longer than that!

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You are lighting a fire under me to write my trip report for Scandinavia! Even if it’s a brief one maybe it will be helpful.
Welcome home!