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"All the Rembrandts" at Rjiksmuseum (Amsterdam)

Through 10th of June -- featured on PBS News Hour earlier this week. "All" means all that the Rjiksmuseum has in its collection, but more than you can see anywhere else in the world. You must reserve a time! TIP! If you have a museum ticket (or multi-museum pass), but you find all Rembrandts time slots are filled, show up before museum opening time on another day and stand in the line for people with tickets. When the doors open, show your ticket/pass (just flash it -- that doesn't count as "entry" for that day - there's a second museum entry point where they scan your ticket). Once inside, go DIRECTLY to the special entrance to the Rembrandts exhibit (it's on the left wall as you face the main museum entrance where they're scanning tickets). Tell the Rembrandts desk person you don't have a reservation and they'll give you one of the slots they saved for people like you (and me), IF there any are left for that day. CAUTION #1: Your Rjiksmusem ticket/pass is probably only good for 1 day, and the Rembrandts time slot is a one-time-only (not in and out), so make sure you allow time for both -- museum and Rembrandts -- in the same day. CAUTION #2: If you want an audio guide, get it from another desk before you go into the Rembrandts exhibition.

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I thought this exhibition was really excellent. And yes ALL is all but the Night Watch. It ends soon though!

So glad you saw and enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed his little sketches the best - the little quick ones done of people on the street in Amsterdam. My favorite was called Three Orientals Conversing.

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I left our guide at Rjiksmuseum dumbfounded when I told her this true story: We were invited to dinner at a colleague's house, actually a small downtown apartment. She met us at the door, and leading us to the party room, commented "The Rembrandt is over the fireplace. The lighting is not good, Take it over to the window."

I went over to the fireplace, picked up an authentic, original, Rembrandt, and carried it across the room to a sunny window for close inspection. Our hostesse's great great great etc grandfather was an incredibly rich Amsterdam merchant and one of Rembrandt's major sponsors. He accumulated so many Rembrandts that the family tradition was to give every kid born into the direct line of descendents a Rembrandt of their own on their 16th birthday. Yes, the Rjiksmuseum has a lot of Rembrandts, but the way to see a Rembrandt is to carry one around the house for while.