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Accessible Traveling with Limited Mobility (Multiple Sclerosis)

I am a retired, 62 year old with multiple sclerosis, and have mobility issues (walking). In all the websites, travel guides, tour companies, I have not found a truly inspiring and positive "accessible traveling" book, addendum, or section of any of these guides. There is always a little about "elevator there" or "handicap accessible" - however, it doesn't explain or inspire how to make the most of your travel, even with a disability. I have traveled to Ireland, Portugal, Mexico, South Africa, British Virgin Islands, England, Wales, and Scotland. In every location, I am trying to document what works, what isn't "friendly accessible" and how to have an attitude of "can do" instead of what I can't. Rick Steves, what can we/you do to create an addendum to your guidebooks that gives HOPE and practical advice to those of us who can't just "walk the 4 blocks" or climb the hill. Peggy in Colorado

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I hear your call, Peggy - I am married to a disabled lady myself.

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Welcome to the Forums

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Welcome to the RS forum family, Peggy!

Adding to Jazz' post, Rick has promoted Sage Travel as an expert resource for quite some time:

Additionally, the RS forums see any number of questions from travelers with all sorts of special challenges, and TripAdvisor has an entire forum dedicated to the topic.

Forums can be invaluable resources as they provide the opportunity for acquiring knowledge from, and sharing your own with, others in similar circumstances. They can be, in some ways, more useful than what's in a book as situations can and do change after a publication goes to press: hotels close; restaurants close; elevators or ramps might be added to an attraction which didn't have them last year. Make sense?

As I see this is your first post, I'd encourage you to watch the forums of countries you've been to for questions you can answer? As well, ask your own questions as they arise. This community is terrifically helpful! The more folks who can share their knowledge and experience when it comes to traveling with special needs - there've been oodles of questions from people with food allergies and celiac disease so mobility isn't the only challenge - the more valuable a resource it'll be for travelers like yourself. :O)