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A Note About Trains from Schipol!

A heads up for folks traveling from Schipol to Amsterdam Centraal or other cities via rail. Schipol train station does not accept US Credit Cards because they aren't chip & pin. They also do not take AmEx. In other words, it's cash or bust at Schipol. This can be very pricey if you aren't expecting it & don't have Euros on hand when you land at Schipol.

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Not sure why you are saying it's "pricey"??? Using the ticket counters to pay for your ticket with cash, only incurs a .50 euro surcharge; not a big deal in my book. Even if you have a chip&pin credit card it won't get you very far with Dutch Rail. Only the Centraal Station Amsterdam and Schipol Airport train stations accept those. With all other stations in Holland the only plastic they accept are European debit cards.

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Thanks. That means the first stop after getting off the plane is a bank ATM for a big cash withdrawal if you're traveling elsewhere. I'll remember that.
Most travelers are just going the 20 minute trip to the Amsterdam Central Station.

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hi, would you please clearify. do you mean the person behind the ticket counter? or the ticket machines?
or both. happy trails.

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Debby, We had a similar experience in London last fall. We were leaving Paddington to catch the Eurostar to Paris and the ticket machines available were new, from the Olympics I suspect, and only took the chip & pin CC's, not even Pounds. After some anxious scrambling around I located the old machines in the lower level and purchased our tube tickets. J&D

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Same thing in France, except that you can use your American Visa or Mastercard at a manned train ticket booth. You can also buy a 'carnet' of subway tickets there, too. The self-service machines won't take your cards. The disadvantage of the manned booth: there is sometimes a long line.