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A fun “local” experience in Bayeux, France

Our family spent three nights in Bayeux in November 2019. My oldest son (16) is a huge WWII buff, and was very excited to see the beaches. He’s also a really good bowler, and thought it would be fun to go bowling in France. So my husband took him to the bowling alley one night. He had what a lot of us travelers seek - a real connection with locals.

There was a league bowling that night, and only one lane available. So my son and husband bowl a couple of games, and son bowled over 200. An older gentleman named Ben in the league noticed, and offered my son the use of his ball. Using a house ball vs. a “real” ball makes a BIG difference. My son’s game improved with the real ball, and soon the league bowlers took a break and started watching my son, cheering him on.

My husband and son had such a great time chatting with Ben, and experiencing league night at a French bowling alley - it includes appetizers, wine and a full meal. The French have got life figured out!

My husband and son returned to the bowling alley the next night. As soon as they walked in, the owner called my son over, and offered him the use of his nephew’s ball. My son said he felt like family. I told him that he managed to do what most of us strive for - to live like a local. This is one of his favorite experiences from the trip.

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What a great experience for him. Thanks for sharing this.

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This is so cool — I am so glad for your husband and son that they had this experience. Truly memorable!!

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Thanks for sharing this. What a great travel impression for your son.
I find adding hobbies to travel a real added bonus - particularly as a solo traveler. A common bond is often the icebreaker between language and culture.

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That is so cool! We will be there in April. I'm not that good of a bowler, but I'll keep it in mind!

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Love it! We went lawn bowling in Oban, Scotland for the first time. After we finished, the league which had been playing, invited us into their clubhouse for tea. It gave us our “local” connection and a good memory.

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That was a lovely experience. He must be a great bowler! If you are ever in Germany have him try “candlepin” bowling there, the most common type. We’ve done this a few times over the years.

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I love this. Thanks for posting. Incorporating personal interests into travel is a great idea and often produces these sorts of authentic, "local" experiences. I'm glad your son discovered this and had such a great experience.

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Wow, what a memory for your son and for the locals! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Such a great experience and story!
I’ve always found most French people to be warm and friendly... especially so in Normandy.