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A fantastic app to not get lost...

I recently had a bad experience in Tokyo, where I was constantly lost. I didn't want to repeat those problems in my next trip to Italy (which concluded yesterday). So I did some research and downloaded "mapswithme", an app for my iPhone. Several people had asked me to report on how well the app worked so here it is: The good: The maps were offline and fantastic. I had roaming turned off, so I needed an offline map. This worked perfectly. The GPS was very accurate. To a couple of feet. And it would show an arrow to point so that I always knew where I was and where I was going. And it doesn't use your cell signal, so you won't get charged for roaming. I was able to bookmark important locations that I wanted to visit. The bad: No directions. It will show you where you are. You can bookmark where you want to be. But how you get from here to there is up to you. Limited business information. I had to figure out ahead of time where I wanted to go because most buildings just show up as generic buildings without including business information. Major landmarks are included, but that hole-in-the-wall gelato shop probably isn't going to show up in your search. The Bottom Line:
For me personally, this app was fantastic. I always knew where I was, even in the darkest back alley in Venice. And because I had done research ahead of time where I wanted to visit, I never wasted time wandering around. Highly recommended.

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Thanks, I found this app for my samsung galaxy tablet. Just what I was looking for. already downloaded maps for Spain for my upcoming trip.