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Driving in Scotland

Just returned from Scotland and loved the country, and the people. Can't say I loved the driving. I read Rick Steves book on the area and he says the roads are good. I'm sorry I can't agree. Everywhere my sister and I went in Edinburgh as soon as the locals knew we were planning on renting a car thew would say "oh your brave to dive in in Scotland". I have to admit it was unnerving. But since Rick said it was ok we did it. While the condition of the pavement may be fine the width of the lanes is much smaller the in the USA, and there are no shoulders, the roads are very winding and curvey, and only two lanes most of the time. In the west they are one lane. Now that's scary!!! The only time we were are on a 4 lane type freeway is when we were close to larger cities like Glasgow or Stirling. Otherwis it was slow going on 2 lanes and going through every little town or village. If you plan on driving make sure to leave lots of time becasue it's impossible to make good time. I think when I go back I will let someone else do the driving. I have driven in England many times and have to say they have much better roads and freeway system.

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