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Turkey & Greece

We had a wonderful 17 day trip to Turkey & Greece and found Rick's ebook guides to be very useful. One of our highlights was ourstarting with a private tour of Istanbul with LALE ARON (co-author of Rick Steve's Istanbul Guidebook & co-owner of SRM Travel). The only downside of our trip was our experience with our private travel guide, Faye Georgiou (???? ????????), in Athens who I believe is a recommended travel guide in Rick's Greece travel book. We WOULD NOT recommend Faye for many reasons, but two reasons are that SHE DID NOT pick us up at the prearranged place and time (fortunately I kept a copy of our emails to prove this to her when she denied it), and then after purchasing our tickets to the Acropolis and entering the site, she said she needed to leave and that we could view the site on our own which we could have but we immediately learned within 10 minutes of her departure (which was within 15 minutes of purchasing the tickets) that the Acropolis was closing and that we had to leave. The security guards graciously let us take a few photos and then escorted us out. There are many other reasons we would not recommend Faye but suffice it to say she did not live up to the normal qualifications and professionalism of Rick Steve's travel.
Other than that experience we had a wonderful time and met many wonderful Turkish and Greek people.

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