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7 Day Rome trip AMAZING

Just came home yesterday and the Rome 7 day tour , surpassed my expectations and could not have been better with our Rick Steve's guide , hotel , location and fellow travelers . The last afternoon I walked all over again , shopped , ate lunch at a wonderful family owned place. I then joined the people relaxing at the Circus Maxims where I laid back on the hillside taking photo's of the clouds over the forum. I couldn't help dozing off for a few minutes..
R S. also added a second guide when we went to Borghese Galleria , Coliseum with boat loads of information and stories in interesting , informative format . They really do pour out their passion , love of what they do on this tour and it is a trip I will never forget. I did take plus 2000 pictures ( was not the only one ) in 9 days - 2 1/2 extra days since the tour started at 3 on Sunday. Using my camera to show what they are talking about during the tour helps me remember plus I love photography. Also it certainly picked up details , some images would of just melted into the background during the trip . The designs of the brick work all over the ruins / buildings , doors designs , door knobs ,tiles , light hitting cobble stones as you walk the streets. At the forum flowers on underside the edge of church / temple ledge so high up you can't see it with the naked eye is one example. I did buy cards , books but does that add weight to your suitcase and I did pack minimal so I could bring some of these home. I do think smaller groups work better walking through the winding narrow streets already crowded , churches , "eating through neighborhoods day " so it's much more fun for all of us in smaller groups. Only one part did not enjoy the guide ," San Sebastian Catacombs " as he mumbled , by rote mechanically as I only heard , understood about 20% but seeing the catacomb almost made up for it. That's not R S fault as one of the members went before the tour to the same S. S. Catacombs and had a different guide and enjoyed it much more. In the catacombs you can't take pictures so I bought cards , a book !

I have wanted to go for 16 years , so glad my first trip I did not go by myself as this really is a trip you can enjoy so much more with the right guide , tour . Plus with a half day and evening free you can go and see some of the places she mentioned which might not be on the tour . She really gave us advice , information to help us the next visit. So the only word that describes my trip to Rome is AMAZING !

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Nice report! I'm glad you had such a great time. It's always fun to read positive trip reports about cities I, too, love! I think the right guide can really make a site come alive and the Rick Steves guides in my opinion, are among the very best.

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Best of Rome was one of our favorite tours. In fact, we've discussed doing it again some day! Was this your first RS tour? Once you've enjoyed one this much, you're hooked!

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Yes , it was go alone or R.S. tour and I am so happy I did. Would of spent the money but never have enjoyed Rome like this especially when it's your first time in a city. Rome at first was very daunting and I did meet people who did not speak English when asking for directions or where a church was ect. .. Once two of us from the group were out and about , each of us asked a policeofficer about directions. Neither one did not speak English very well nor they knew the answer , " some of the police are from other cities in Italy " have been brought in to Rome to work because of Jubliee .

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Gail, thanks for the report! It sounds like you had a great time.

I have done a number of RS tours solo and wow, what a great way to travel! Time with a group, time alone, what could be better?

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Enjoyed your report - I too love RS tours. I will be going on my 3rd in October, 17 Days in Italy, ending in Rome, cannot wait. This will be my first time in Italy. I wanted to add the 7 Days in Rome tour but do not have the vacation days. That will be another trip!

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