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4 nights in Paris (en route to Nice)

Writing this report on train to Nice.

Arrived in CDG Saturday 10am. Can I just say I was stunned at how kind the Parisians were. I honestly don’t know where the rude stereotype comes from. Granted. I made an effort to speak French and I told everyone I spoke Spanish and English. Spanish only helped me with WRITTEN French, with spoken French I was lost. I saw the Eiffel Tower during the day and night sooo much better at night especially since it’s been cloudy. The light show was stunning. Arc De Triumophe was beautiful at night also. And I don’t want to get banned but I went to McDonald’s and Burger King, the food quality is so much higher than in Austin. On the topic of food, if you are budget traveler like me you have to stop at LIDL (think Aldi) amazing prices to stock up. It was most affordable grocery store in Paris and I went to a few to checkout selection and prices.
Memorial De La Shoah was a moving holocaust Memorial focusing on Vichy France’s role in helping the Nazis. I spent two hours here but I’m a huge ww2 history buff. Scare Coeur was stunning but prepare for steps and climbs in entire Montmarte area. Yes everything they say about French police is true and I’ll leave it at that. The bathroom and heater situation had me “changing my liking.” It’s been about 50 but everywhere has had heaters on full blast. Paris needs more pay toilets I don’t mind paying a euro but there are so few restrooms near the tourist sites.

Next stop Nice. Going to watch mens tennis at the Monte Carlo Masters.

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Hi RafaFan, thank you for the info. I would like to know where you stayed that was economical. We will be a party of six people mostly seniors and are visiting France in July and would like to do it economically. Any suggestions?

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Well I just turned 30 so I cheaped out got a hostel near main train station. I feel like even that was overpriced for the quality. Or I’m just not used to European sized hostels. The shower was super tiny I kept bumping into wall and handle. The toilet also tiny. The bed was ok but they had a ceiling heater we couldn’t turn off made it so unbearably hot. I noticed in Paris if it’s even slightly cold they blast the heater on high. Something I don’t understand. Like I would rather dress warm then have artificial heat blown into my face. Mind you it was about 45-50 degrees when I was there. That isn’t blizzard conditions.

To answer your question I recommend googlemaps, Airbnb, take into account where you want to be and if you’re willing to be in less ideal location to save money.