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4 nights in Nice

On train to Cinque Terre, almost at Genova.

Nice was amazing. Everything was 15 minute walk from my hostel near Nice Ville train station. The promenade was beautiful I had never hear that unique noise the sea makes when waves come in over rocks. It’s so relaxing. I’m just used to sand and crashing waves. Again the French continued to be kind, warm and helpful. I went to Villefranche Sur Mer and Cape Ferrat. The views are breathtaking. I walked 10 miles that day!!! Last two days I went to Rolex Monte Carlo Mens tennis event. The contrast between the red clay courts and blue sea was beautiful. Didn’t get to stop by Monte Carlo itself or Eze Village. Also have to come back for the Russian Orthodox Church in Nice.

First impressions of Italy, I took train to Ventimiglia then onwards to Genoa. There is extremely limited English here. I guess the French spoiled me. Hoping my Spanish helps a bit. FYI the Italians asked to see my Green pass before getting on train to Genoa (I showed them my cdc card and passport, couldn’t understand them but I think they said I don’t have to show my passport, just the CDC card. Since with that it’s implied I’m American.

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I loved Nice, and I also did not get to see the Russian Orthodox Church, as it was being renovated.

I think the idea of showing your ID with your CDC card is to prove that it's your vaxx card, not to prove your nationality. :)