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4 days in Vienna

I don't usually write trip reports, but we loved Vienna and a lot of what we loved came from Rick's guidebook.

We stayed at the Pension A and A and its amazingly convenient location made sightseeing easy. Sights were even closer than they looked on the map!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and went to the Billa Corso supermarket at Neuer Markt to eat dinner-they sell hot food and have tables. Then we walked through St. Stephen's church.

On Sunday morning, a highlight of our trip was mass at the Augustiner Church. The building! The orchestra! The choir! Sublime! When I go to Vienna in the future, I will make sure I'm there on a Sunday morning. We spent most of the afternoon at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Eating in the cafe was a highlight-I think it's the most beautiful dining venue I've ever eaten in and my salad was really good. We went to Demel's after that. Vienna must be the cake capitol of the world!

On Monday, we toured the Hofburg Palace and ate at their cafe. We liked it so much that we ate there again on Monday. We went to the HausMusik that night, which my husband said was his favorite thing we did in Vienna. The one unpleasant thing was eating at Gigerl Stadtheuriger. Before sitting down, we asked if they took credit cards (we stupidly didn't have much cash with us). The waiter said they did if you spent 30 euros. That made sense, so we sat down for dinner, knowing that spending 30 euros would be no problem When it was time to pay the bill, they said you had to spend 50 euros and to go to the ATM around the corner, which promptly ate my husband's debit card. He asked to see the manager, who did then accept the credit card. When we went to the bank to retrieve the card the next day, the machine also ate the card of the bank customer who was trying to use it. So we did get our card back. On a more important note, to some of us, since this is not a sight that Rick feels the need to include in his guidebooks: The Cafe Neko cat cafe is diagonally across the street from the Gigerl.

Tuesday was our last day. We went to the New Palace Museums. The Austrian History part of the museum had a very interesting and chilling Board Game Juden Raus: "the first player to drive out 6 Jews from their businesses and bring them to a collection point outside the city won the game." That night my husband did the standing room thing at the Opera House and said it was wonderful. I didn't go because I don't like heights but when we go to Vienna again, we'll buy tickets.

My bucket list for the next trip to Vienna: Schonbrunn, the Melk Abbey day trip, a concert at the Opera House, and another mass at the Augustiner Church. We had no idea we would love Vienna so much-we only went there because Austrian has 3 flights a day to Tirana, Albania, where we were joining a tour.

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So cool! Makes me want to go back to Vienna. Thank you for the report.

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Sounds amazing. I have not been to Vienna but may need to go after reading this and other posts.

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diveloonie, we were there Sept 14-18. The weather was on the warm side.

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Thank you for your report. We are there Dezember 27 over New Years. I cant wait to go and experience some of the things you described. My schedule is pretty full already but I shall try to go to Augustiner Church as well.

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Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for Vienna. I‘ve enjoyed my stays there, too.

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I loved the Kunsthistorisches Museum, but missed out on eating in their café. Another reason to go back to Vienna! As if I needed another reason :-)

Thanks for your report!

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You are so lucky to have had this experience! A couple of other bucket list suggestions are:

  1. Belvedere Palace with the world's largest collection of Gustav Klimt

  2. Lipizzaner Horses morning trainings These horses are AMAZING and if you are into the beauty and dance of dressage, this is some of the most highly prized horses in the world getting trained. Lipizzaners are born gray and grow up to be white. You will see all colors at the morning exercise. One time when we went, we saw a whole performance because the King and Queen of Jordan were in town. Highly recommend.

  3. New Years Eve: Of course, the Viennese Waltz is world reknown. There is great opportunity to learn and participate in this grand tradition in Stefansplaz in front of St. Stefan Church. Here's a description from Vienna's list of Things to Do on New Year's Eve.

Stephansplatz / 2.00 pm – 2.00 am
Waltzes and Big Bands. Skillful performances by the Vienna dance schools kick off the event in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.
Then the Austrian pop duo The Carpats will sweep you away to the highest level of musical emotions
with unforgettable hits and touching own compositions. The live transmission of the end of year prayers
from St. Stephen’s Cathedral at 4.30 pm invites you to some quiet contemplation. After that, the Original
Wiener Salonensemble and the Bernd Fröhlich Orchester will take turns enchanting the audience
with a “best of” dance music.

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Thanks for your report. On my first time in Vienna, we bought tickets before we left the States for Rigoletto at the grand Opera House, a wonderful experience! Also, I loved the Kunsthistorisches Museum, spent at least 3 hours there and then had lunch in their cafe. Food was delicious.
I did not know about the Cat Cafe - I’m going in Dec. so I will have to find this place for a cat fix since I will be missing mine.
I plan to attend Mass at the Augustiner Church, can’t wait for that. Also, on Saturday afternoon while I’m there, I plan to tour the Third Man Museum.
Vienna is full of tasty treats, Christmas markets included.
Thanks again for sharing your trip with us.

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If you like classical music, consider a concert at the Musikverein. Its Great Hall is considered one of the top performance halls in the world.