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2nd Hand report—-Iceland Cruise July 2021

My yoga and fitness teacher just returned from a Viking cruise around Iceland and I talked to her briefly before class today. I was very interested in hearing about Iceland, but unfortunately their cruise was truncated because one passenger (all of whom were fully vaccinated) tested positive several days into the trip. That passenger was isolated, and no other cases were reported. They were initially allowed to leave the ship for excursions, but the buses were called back before they reached their destination, and then the ship was ordered to return to Reykjavik a day early. They got free drinks on the last day, but one margarita was enough for her, and did not make up for all they missed.

She did not have time to tell me more than that, so I looked it up and found this detailed report from another passenger:

The lesson to be learned, I suppose, is that one needs to be very flexible and “go with the flow” when traveling these days.

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We were booked on a small ship cruise along the coast of Croatia for September. It was postponed from last September. Well, today we received an email that is was being cancelled due to too many other passengers canceling or postponing. We are of course bummed but are going to Plan B. Just flowing along with the 4 others we are traveling with.

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Youtuber Jim Zimm was on the cruise. His first vlog explained about the covid case. I am assuming he will have others on the cruise

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Perhaps this is a cautionary tale of what all of us may face on future group travels.

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Fully vaccinated friends of ours came down with COVID on a cruise and had to disembark and be quarantined.

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Note that the National Geographic Iceland circumnavigation cruise also turned back after a few days due to covid onboard. Happened a few days ago.