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1st time Paris trip is wrapping up

I'm in my hotel room packing for an early morning flight back to the states after six days in Paris thinking about how excellent this trip was. My wife and I were able to see so many of the sites of the city and there are still things we missed. We couldn't have done it nearly as efficiently if not from all of the information gained from the Rick Steve's Paris book and the youtube videos. Rick's travel book has so much information! We were able to cover thru Historic Paris Tour, Louvre Tour, Orsay, Orangerie Museum, Champs Elyse, Montmartre, Marais and Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

We can't wait to come back and see more of this city and trying to be more like a local. Au Revoir Paris!

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Yes that Paris is something special to see. I went 1st time 2002 and was so inspired that I went back to school to get a BA in French Literature at 39 years old. I've been there 8 times since my 1st

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That's excellent! we can't wait to go back. Ive even found an all levels French language meet up group that meets 10 minutes from me that ill plan to meet with to practice my French.

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So nice to hear you have fallen under her spell.. Paris will call you back now for sure..

Do come back and tell us more.. !

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We also fell in love with Paris on our first trip abroad in 2015. We've got many other places we want to see, but definitely hope to make a return visit to Paris someday. Safe travels!

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That sounds like a great time! It's been several years since I've been able to visit and I can't wait to go back. I could spend an entire week in the Louvre.

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I was there in Dec 2015. I only went to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and really just to say I'd been there.
Upcoming trip this june is 3 weeks in the UK and Ireland. Will prob'ly make a side trip back to Paris. It calls you.

I have to go back. I have no choice.

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"...can't wait to come back and see more of this city...." Exactly my feelings after my first visit there in July 1973. It would take me four years to muster the financial resources to come back, which was in Aug.1977. After all, "C'est ça Paris, " as the song goes. I've been coming back ever since.

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I'm in Paris now. Sitting outside at Café Carette (highly recommend) at Place des Vosges drinking delicious coffee and loving being here.
Been here more times and for more years than I care to count and Paris is still magical. Paris never disappoints.
Been here for 2 wks and weather has been fantastic. First week blue skies, sun and temps in high 50s during the day, with 1-2 days in the 60s. This week no sun until this afternoon but not dark/grey either... with temps in high 40s in the morning to high 50s during the day. We've had no rain to speak of (light rain for 8 min today : )
Paris is as wonderful and amazing as always!

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Thank you Mrs EB!
Paris was beyond wonderful in every way. Back home 3 days now and miss her more than ever. The cure is to plan another trip, which I have. I can never get enough of Paris.

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Susan -- Was your chair in the Jardins de Luxembourg waiting for you? ;-)

Markallensmith -- Thanks for posting, glad you had such a good time. Paris does indeed call you back again and again. I've been there in spring, summer and fall -- next time maybe we'll try winter. February sounds pretty good.