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Are You Addicted To Travel?

"Travel is a bit like a drug. Once you start, it can be difficult to stop, and the more you do it, the more you want to keep doing it. Go without it for long enough, and you may just find yourself in a pawn shop with your significant other's fancy watch and a fistful of Great Aunt Gertrude's silver in an effort to plan your next escape."

"You know you're addicted to travel when ___."

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Nos. 5, 6, and 16, definitely!

Also, I actually have my Great Aunt Gertrude's silver ... never thought about pawning it! ;)

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#6, #14, true!! #5 ...true, I've been asked in Paris, Berlin,.. #7...some of them, #11...have had that experience,

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I'll go one better. I'm planning a trip for 2016, and we haven't even done the 2015 one yet.

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#5 - I was approached by French-speaking tourists in Ghent who asked for directions

#7 - yep - also comes in handy for the airport code category on Jeopardy!

#9 - I actually bought a box of 1-quart plastic ziploc bags exclusively for traveling with liquids

#16 - modify that to say "the only reason you work is so you can afford to travel!"

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To Sarah:

The print is large for li'l ol' ladies like me who are not using their reading glasses. :-/

{Add: The print is large either for the reason I gave OR . . . Are you on Fred's puter? ;-) }

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Ah, Colette, so you're the reason behind it! :)

And it's odd that everything is large except the edit commenting on the print size!

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I am guilty of at least four of these!!
But they should add "you drive an older or ecomonical (and its paid off) car so you have money to spend on trips"
or my favorite "you have traveled the most of your friends so they come to you for travel advice aka except you to be travel agent"
as signs of travel addiction.

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Spending an unexplainable amount of time on RS forums - that's my thing. I live in a pleasant, yet boring place. So, traveling or thinking about it has become my "escape."

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Agree with Barb -- I even spent excessive amount of time on the Forum while ON a trip (hotel had WiFi but only German TV -- but this was only in the evening after dinner. )

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Even if I have just returned from a trip I am envious when I hear someone else is going...

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Whenever I buy clothes I make sure they are good for travel. Yes, I work so I can travel. Also, I am addicted to this travel forum. I love to read books that take place in Europe and love foreign movies. I get excited when I watch travel shows and especially Rick Steves shows. When I have spare time I try to figure out which tour to take next.

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... You develop an obsessive/compulsive interest in luggage and backpacks. Suddenly, you are demanding YKK Zippers, specific pocket arrangements, a particular size and wheel/handle type - etc..

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Score: 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 14

Modified 3: My passport is in my money belt along with some Euros, a couple pounds, USD, my emergency contact information.

~~When I buy clothes now the majority of my wardrobe are good for both work and traveling light.

~~I think about travel every day so I guess I could add 6 to my list. I tend to really think seriosly about my next experience on the flight home.

~~I'm disappointed when on tour I don't always get a passport stamp from the countries I visit.

~~Years ago my Christmas fund became my travel fund. Just don't tell my family, he-he!

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Fun article!

1, 5, 14. "... you always have at least two bags at home: one in 'unpack' mode and one in 'packed and ready to go' mode." Nope, but I could be packed & ready in 10 minutes!!

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When I start planning my next trip before getting back on my current one! Yes, I am addicted, and yes I am going to sell my old engagement and wedding rings to help finance it!

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I'm with Trustinsoul, I leave for my Germany/Austria trip on 22 May, have my return trip to Paris already worked out for May/June 2016 and have started planning my Cinque Terre/Lake Como/Lauterbrunnen trip for July 2018.