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16 nights in Cinque Terre-Roma-Sorrento-Napoli

4n CT
Beautiful, I was worried it was overhyped but the towns are tiny but charming especially the easy trails in Manorola. I stayed in Corniglia which had easy access to trails. The food was amazing. The people were warm. Get the cinque Terre pass that includes the train and hikes. I started early as soon as sun came out and took breaks when towns got crowded around noon-4pm then I went out again.
4n Roma
Not relaxing haha. It’s go go go, sights to see things to do. Lots of people at the Colosseo, get your metro ticket or passes BEFORE, lines get long. Found out I love Chinese wisteria it smells like Moringa which I love. The people were kind here too which surprised me a little bit for it being a large city with so many tourists. The tour groups are obnoxious and it’s off season right now. Still swarmed especially in my next review.
6n Sorrento
This and CT were the highlights of my trip. Cute little village it smells amazing everywhere with the lemon and orange groves throughout the town.
Capri was amazing, must do the chairlift, the boat tour is great too blue grotto is overrated. The funicular is ok it depends where you sit. But Jesus bad thing about an island is there is nowhere for people to go. I took the 830am boat and it was already packed when I landed, lines for bus tickets and funicular were backed up.

Amalfi coast is overrated I didn’t care for it. I don’t know if my view is bias since I did CInque Terre first but it felt identical. Except I didn’t have to take 50 and 70 minute bus rides for CT. Also the first 20 mins from sorrento to Positano are awful for motion sickness I took 2 bonine pills and ate nothing the morning of. I know my body if I put something it, it will come out. Positano is uppity, too expensive (relatively speaking), too fancy I didn’t care for it at all. Amalfi town is a bit more laid back but literally reminded me of CT towns just slightly bigger. I may give it one more try on a future trip when I do not visit CT.
Pompeii was amazing I spent 6 hours on site and still didn’t get to do everything. About half the stuff RS recommends is currently closed.
2n Napoli
Everyone should experience it for at least half a day but it’s not for me. I love cities I go to NYC every year. It’s too chaotic and dangerous here. Cars and motorcycles can run you over at any time. Too many people and not enough attractions/things to do to justify it. Too much trash everywhere. Pizzeria Michelle that RS recommends is overrated, disorganized, and the employees are rude. They seem inconvenienced by your presence. I recommend trying any other pizza place. Also about half of the people are kinda rude here, the other half are lovely and kind. So it’s a bit confusing, bipolar city.
I had planned to go to Paestum from here but was too exhausted by Napoli on first night that it will have to be another trip. I plan on staying in Salerno next time, also didn’t get to go to Herculaneum. Also was gonna go to Mt Vesuvius but heard it’s not worth it.

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Thanks for your report. It’s been over 9 years since our visit to Naples, and it sounds like the trash situation there hasn’t gotten better in the meantime - or maybe it’s gotten worse. Like the city, Pizzeria da Michele is something you have to experience once, but it’s unfortunate your pizza experience wasn’t better.

It sounds, though, like your experience at Cinque Terre was better than ours this past October. Glad it worked for you. We did find an outstanding gelato place in Corniglia - so that was a highlight.

On your next trip, definitely see Paestum! Herculaneum is very worthwhile, too, if you make it back to that part of Italy again.

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Aw, I also thought the people were so lovely in Rome despite the bustle.

We went to Cinque Terre as well and I don't think it's at all overrated... but I understand why it wouldn't feel the same when crammed with people. I am doing research for someone else's trip and a lot of Amalfi seems more like Miami to me for some reason, lol!

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The way to truly enjoy CT is to avoid crowds. I would wake up at sunrise, go on a hike or walk by noon I'd go back to my room till 3/4pm then head out again. I wanted to see just how bad the daytrippers crowds were and stayed out during the day once, and just once was all I needed. The crowds made it hotter and you couldn't even stop and enjoy the scenery. I only did hikes in the mornings, I kept thinking to myself "I can't imagine doing this in hot middle part of day or with dozens of people on top of me"

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Hi I enjoyed reading your report. I agree CT is still beautiful and staying a few days gives more of a chance to explore and relax.
When I went to Amalfi Coast 2012, we stayed in a small town towards the end, closer to Sorrento. Name is Minori. Enjoyed very much and not overcrowded. Wonderful bakery "Sal De Riso" across from promenade.