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Cherbourg - what a surprise

In our recent trip to Europe, we had to stay in Cherbourg because we were going to take the ferry from here to Portsmouth, England. Cherbourg isn't mentioned at all in RS book on France so I checked Fodor. I found a hotel in Fodor so we reserved a room in that hotel (hotel was pretty good with great breakfast of 8.90 euros).

Cherbourg was a surprise. I think it merits a page in the RS book. There is this huge exposition or exhibition called La Cité de la Mer by the harbor that consisted of a) a Titanic simulation, b) the submarine Le Redoubtable which was open to the public, c) voyage to the bottom of the sea a la Disney, d) an aquarium (the deepest in Europe) that showed interesting marine life. Entrance was something like 9 euros pp.

We thought we would just while away our time in Cherbourg. It turns out that it was such an interesting stay. And, by the way, we chanced upon the store where Les Parapluies des Cherbourg (the Umbrellas of Cherbourg) starring Catherine Deneuve was filmed. That was exciting for me.

As I said, Cherbourg merits a page in the RS book. Thanks.


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I will keep Cherbourg in mind if I'm ever in that area again. I was near it last June but didn't get a chance to go up the peninsula that far.