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13 Days in Greece with 13 Year Olds

This trip report covers the following:

• Traveling with 13-year-old boys (all while minimizing eye rolls).

• The areas of Peloponnese, Hydra, Delphi, Easter in Meteora, and Athens

• Driving (and lots of it)

• Family of four eating well on $60/day (including wine and dessert)

Thanks for everyone here and at the Fodor's site for the great advice and help planning this trip.

I am going to just link it (unless people think that is rude, in which case I can double post) because I am using HTML on the Fodor's trip forums to make it easier to just pull out information people might find useful and my report is going to be LONG.

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I'm assuming you're not referring to self catering, you'll struggle to feed a family of four for $60 a day. Presuming that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner? It's been a while since I was last in Greece but even in the cheaper parts of Spain a simple dinner for our family of four, including two young children, can easily exceed $60, lunch would not be that much cheaper whilst breakfast would be the cheapest of them all.

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We managed to eat dinners most nights for about $40-45 at tavernas and since we stayed at AirBnBs, we had breakfast at home (toast, pastry or yogurt and honey); and most days our lunches were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or salami sandwiches we ate on the road. So we really did eat most days (except in Athens) for about $55-65/day.

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acdesign, I can clearly see how you kept your food budget under $60.00. I, too, was surprised how inexpensive Greece was. I kept looking at my change and thinking "this can't be right", but I got used to it! Greece is such a beautiful country.

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And Souvlaki sandwiches are $2-$2.50 each which we also would have for lunch if we weren't going to be driving to a site.