My Way: Italy in 13 Days

I have been home from my My Way Tour for two days and still cant stop reminiscing. My friend and I were celebrating our 50th Bdays with a Food & Beverage Tour followed up with a couple museums & walks along the way. The freedom and flexibility this type of tour offers is wonderful; some days we were busy, busy and on others there was plenty of relaxation. We had access to our escort, Dimitri in the mornings and on the bus en route to our next destination. He spent plenty of time with each guest understanding our plans and interests for each day making sure we knew how to get where we needed to be. He also made suggestions on things NOT to miss which I really appreciated. Even though this wasn't a "group tour" some wonderful friendships developed with memories and experiences to last a lifetime. Gabriella
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Posted by Diane
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It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate with a friend. Was this your fist time to these places? Did you feel rushed only staying 2 nights at each place especially the cities? I'd like to see 3 nights for either Rome or Florence or for both. I understand it's about keeping costs down. But if you had to pick one place to be only a 1 night stay to gain 3 nights for Rome, which one would you choose and why? I'm returning to Italy and have considered this tour as it removes me from having to plan the hotels-ground transportation between destinations. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Posted by gone
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Whitney, Congrats on your travels and tours. A question i have, is that do you think you could do a trip on your own now? So far i think my scheduling has been working out okay for me and what i want to see/do in each place. But i always plan like im going back and dont plan on changing that too soon. Im lucky with my 4+ weeks vacation, its just that the $$ is the issue so i limit myself to 4 weeks. I may try a tour guide some some type of thing like that when it presents itself. happy trails.

Posted by Whitney
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there is no way I would want to drive myself around in Italy.
You have plenty of time to utilize the train system which is what I did in 2010. Go for it!!!!

Posted by pat
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Thanks for posting Whitney.. I have wondered how those tours are,, to me they do seem like best of both worlds.. on your own.. but still have hotels and transport arranged.. Diana.. Why not fly into Rome early , stay a few extra days ,, then take tour.. they recommend you always fly in day before a tour anyways.. but I would add another two nights.