Western Loop August- early October 2013

Hello fellow travelers :) My name is Ryan. I'm a 27 year old solo from Denver, Colorado USA. Been planning a fall trip for some time. Interested in doing a small British loop (week and half or so), and then a clockwise continent loop for about a month and a half or longer. Plan on using both hostels and AirBnB hosts. Studied art history and communication in college. I'm very friendly, can be wild but also very laid back. I play guitar and am as comfortable bar hopping as I am writing or people watching. I'm interested in trying an "off the beaten path" approach to the trip and meeting new friends is my number one goal. Anyone early 20s to mid 30s plan on being there please feel free to message me!!!

Posted by nicholas
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Hey! I'm Nicholas from Singapore. I'm 21 And I'll be in London from the 2nd to the 5th after which I will be travelling the French countryside and finally returning to Paris on the 13th to 18th. Let me know if you'd like to join me! Especially if you're looking at the same dates in Paris. I already have a place via air bnb so we may be able to split that way!

Posted by Kawika
Volcano, Hawaii, U.S.A
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Hey Guys I'm Kawika from Hawaii..Just got into Boulder,co 5/4..Looking to fly up and do the same thing. Let me know I mite flying up early and be up there for like 2mths leaving?? hit me up.. oh I'm 32 but fell 18.should be a blast

Posted by Amy
Palo Alto, CA, USA
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I'm Amy - 23 years old from California. I'll be heading over to Europe in mid-July and doing a Mediterranean cruise with my sister until August 2. After that I'll be traveling alone and am very excited for my first real experience. Would love to meet up and travel!

Posted by Evan
Ellensburg, Wa, USA
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Hey Ryan, My name is Evan I'm from Washington, USA. I will be doing a trip from London to Croatia this summer from August 2nd to the 26th. I am going solo so it would be fun to meet up for a leg or 2 of your trip if it works out. Let me know. Evan

Posted by Abraham
Seattle, WA, USA
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Hi. I'm 22 and am also doing a western tour. This will be my first solo trip so if anyone wants to meet up for part if the trip let me know.