western europe june 15 thru september 26th

Hey I'm a 25 yr old student named steve living in Chico Ca.I will be traveling in Europe over the summer. Would be cool if I could meet up with some people around my age to possibly travel with. I am planning on doing the hostel thing. could be male or female. I have a low key personality and I love to have fun. I have done quite a lot of traveling in my life, but have never been to Europe. Anybody out there!

Posted by Janice
San Juan, USA
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Hi! It's your mother.............just wanted to let you know that it is on the graffiti wall ......good luck!

Posted by Nicole
Anchorage, AK, USA
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Steven, Hi, your mother wrote me and told me to look at your post. Sounds like you are flexable. I am looking for a travel buddy from may 19-July 3. Maybe we could meet up the end of June. I will mostlikey be in France and maybe check out Switzerland around that time. I'm meeting a friend from home in Paris on July 3. Let me know what you think you will be doing around then. Nicole
Oh I'm 25 and from anchorage. My post is the one right after yours.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Steven Not wishing to rain on your parade or hijack your partner search, but to remind you that using the Schengen visa waiver program you MUST not exceed 90 days in any 180 cumulatively in the Schengen portion of Europe. Your travel days add to 104, so you will be 14 days over if you do not spend at least that long in a non Schengen area. Have you got your long stay visa sorted or have you made plans to leave Schengen for at least 14 days?

Posted by Alex
Denver, Colorado, USA
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Hey guys I too have a similar trip planned out. I am a 27 year old male from Colorado and will be backpacking solo starting in Paris around May 22nd. From there traveling down to Madrid, Barcelona and then returning to France to the Marseilles and Nice area for a little bit and then going into Italy to visit Milan, Venice, Cinque Terre and Rome. I plan to wind the trip up around July 10th so depending on how much time it takes I may or may not go into Greece. I plan on taking the train form city to city and sleeping primarily in hostels. It sounds like we might be around the same areas at the same time and could meet up for a bit

Posted by Michael
Eugene, Oregon, USA
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Sounds like Nicole and I are going to hit Italy and then we can see where you want to drop into the mix. I definately plan on doing the France and Spain stuff that she is meeting someone for. From there depending on what everyone is thinking I might split for Germany. Steven we should definately team up for England and some Olympics stuff in early August. Mike

Posted by Jason
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Hey Steven, Im 24, going to be in Europe from June 21st to July 30th. June 21-July 4th Rome, Southern Italy, Florance July 4th to July 19th- I've got two weeks to make it up to Prague to meet up with some friends, have no plans during this time, other than to make it to Prague, so basically open to going anywhere and seeing/doing anything. July 20th to July 30th- Meeting up with some college friends, heading westward to Belgium, Amsterdam, Berlin and anywhere we feel like stopping along the way. We Were going to go to Tomorrowland, but the tickets are gone. Bummer. Get at me man if you'd like to meet up somewhere along the line. I'l be with my family the first part of the trip, but after the 4th, I'l be solo so, a travel partner would be pretty welcome. Cheers,

Posted by Amelia
New York, USA
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Hi! I am traveling from New York this summer to Europe, had a partner but they bailout so now im looking for a new traveling partner(s). Im going to Istanbul (July 27-31), Bucharest (Aug 1-2), Budapest (Aug 3-14), Vienna (Aug 14-16), Berlin (Aug 16-20), Amsterdam (Aug 20-24), Paris (Aug 24-29) and London (Aug 29-Sep 4) I really would like someone to travel with on this trip, I am pretty laid back. In Budapest I want to go to Sziget Festival and I have an extra ticket to whoever wants to met up. A travel companion for part or entire trip is perfect. Please let me know if you interested. Amelia