Western Europe June 12-July 10

I am traveling Europe from June 12-July 10. I am flying into Dublin and going to Spain from there, leaving Spain the 20 of June. After that I want to go to Germany, Italy, Prague, Austria, London, Netherlands (in no particular order). I am a 23 year old female from the USA and looking for people who want to have a good time! I have never been to Europe and i'm so excited! I am purchasing a global Eurail pass so i'm open to going really anywhere that's fun and has good night life! Let me know if you will be in Europe during these times and maybe we can meet up so this trip won't be so sketchy alone. :)

Posted by Tom
Easley, SC, USA
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Good for you! You're gonna love it. I've got a global pass too. I start in London June 13, headed for central and southern France. From there, I forget which order I've "planned" but I'm headed for, among other places, some of the smaller countries I missed last April when I did this then. I'll be in Chamonix for a day, Nimes for 2-3 days, to see Pont du Gard and Avignon, Latour de Carol for 2-3 days, to ride the Little Yellow Train, do some day hiking in the Pyrenees, and maybe try to "collect Andorra" if I can figure how to do it. I'm trying to make it all the way from Tangier to Tallinn and I'll fit in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco-Monte Carlo, and 4-5 days in Scandinavia along the way too. I end up back in London July 9. Not clear if we'll cross paths, but if we do, I'll buy you a drink! Other than that, I probably won't be someone you want to hook up with, since I'm way, way older, but I thought I'd say hi anyway! Tom ps. That wouldn't be Athens, GA, would it? How 'bout them dawgs!

Posted by Kristen
Athens, Georgia, United States of America
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I hope so! I'm excited. Half of the places you mentioned I have never even heard of! Haha this will be my first time in Europe so i'm not too familiar with any areas outside of the popular cities. but i'll be in London July 9 i'm fairly certain so if we do cross paths a drink is a must :) Thank you for saying Hi hope your travels go well! And yes, Athens, GA. I just graduated from UGA so most definitely, GO DAWGS!!!

Posted by Kawika
Volcano, Hawaii, U.S.A
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I'm flying into London 5/25 and everything is up in the air...my name is Kawika born and raised in Hawaii, 33yr old male.. first time to Europe, i'm so stoked.. its gonna be fun

Posted by Jordan
Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Hey Kristen,
I am flying into Madrid early Tuesday morning, the 19th. I know you'll be leaving the 20th but maybe we can get together the night before and trade some tips.

Posted by Mona
Houston, TX, USA
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Hey I'm 26 female from Houston! Ill be flying into London July 2 if we are in the same area at the same time we should definitely meet up! Planning a day trip from london to Stonehenge/Bath for July 3 and headin to the mainland on July 5! I have a rough idea of my my internally but nothing set in stone. Mona

Posted by Diane
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Hey! I'm a 20 year old American girl in Switzerland for an internship (EPFL-Lausanne) and I'm on my lonesome for the first couple weekends (this coming, june 23-24 and the 29-30). I'm still planning where to go, and would be perfectly willing to meet up!